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Early in the morning, I lay holds of my goddess name and urge to be with us always. Flinch towards my day to day routine work. As I ‘m going to finish my 3SRB refining exercise my phone buzzed but can’t able to see my messages because next to me my man who is seeing me in a forbidding manner.Later on, I saw my messages. My mobile pings with 99 messages or 48 messages, I feel so good that in morning so many people remember me.  Half of the messages are from WhatsApp groups good morning messages.

Agrhhh!!!!  Many messages sometimes I don’t even read but one message which was sent by my BFF  which make me think a twice. Message was with link GBV (GENDER BASED VILOENCE). The link prettified me.

At that point of time, I thought for stopping GBV we have to accept feminism. Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. As you start talking of feminism, heww!!!  All critique people start with obtuse argument that “you want equality? Then, you should be called Equalist?”, “Why u called feminists?” Another bizarre opposition to feminism is people saying “why you only speak about crime against women, there are men are falsely accused of rape.” Pointless arguments go on…

I thought let me do little surveys what my friends think on feminism. So 80% of my friends say that they do believe in feminism but they are not feminists. They strongly believe that “there are certain things that suit guys more and certain things that suit a girl more. They prefer equality in respect not in other things that at times are insignificant for them. ”And some of them said “In today’s world everyone has to be very optimistic. Every opportunity is equal to any gender and being a woman truly we have to lead this activity of supporting and showing change by doing things.”

As per my view:-    

Feminism uses words and ideas to change the way we see gender. This feminism word, I want to relate to my homeland that India needs feminism there are 940 women to every 1000 man.By government record, 71% women of India don’t work. 35% of women are illiterate. Millions of baby girls killed every year. BBC investigates, every five minute an incident of Domestic violence is reported to India, under legal definition of “cruelty by husband or his relatives. Dowry, female infanticide is unique in India, and reformers as early raja ram Mohan Roy have fought against these evils. ”. Many rape cases going on.

I am a feminist. Men and women have equal rights to take their own decision .I don’t want to be pseudo feminism. There are religious opposition to “karvachauth “.  Why she should fast for her husband? “.  It’s ok for me; it’s her decision if she wants to fast.

A girl is not allowed to take entry into shani dev temple and that trupti desai case outrage behaviour towards her. Because of some fluid comes out from our body, it doesn’t mean that women are witches. Because of that hormone and chromosome men gets into this world.

Anyone irrespective of gender falsely accused of any crime is a bad thing. Man, women or whatever. Every person has rights and freedom to take their own decision.

 In this world no gender is superior, it's that human with their intelligence and talent makes him/her superior.

 Believe in yourself; be proficient in selecting what is right and bad, don't forget your humanity. Keep your chin up; someday there we will be changing these dreadful things into happiness.

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