Aam ki lassi - Mango lassi
|   Apr 27, 2015
Aam ki lassi - Mango lassi


•  1 Mango / aam

•  1-2 tbsp Sugar

•  1 cup Yogurt / dahi


How to make Aam Ki Lassi:

• Peel the mango after washing it and remove its seed.

• Grind its pulp into a mixer to make a paste out of it.

• Take dahi, sugar and ice cubes and blend it properly in the same mixer for a minute.

• Add the mango's pulp paste and blend again for half a min.


Serve it Chilled. If for children its suggested to serve it cool without ice.


My son loves the Mango lassi available at Mother diary outlets so this gave me an idea to make one for him at home and serve it to him in the last consumed bottle - he loved it :)

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