Hunger pangs at 4 pm!
|   May 29, 2017
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Hunger pangs at 4 pm!

Its four in the evening and you are in your office with your stomach tumbling with hunger pangs and due to limited access to healthy options you reach out to a pack of chips, muffins etc. This is a call for snacking!

Snacking is usually considered to be bad with the image of samosas, patties, bread pakoras, chaat papri coming to your mind…but they are actually good source of energy in the middle of the day only if they are selected watchfully!

Restricting your snacks to healthy choices can help in weight loss keeping in mind that the total calories provided by snacks must fit into your overall daily calorie goal.

Positives of snacking comes with appetite control, sustained energy and can meet your nutritional needs

Our’s majorly being a sedentary lifestyle hitting the keyboards for almost 9 hours a day it becomes very important making healthy choices and with “healthy” we mean nutritious.

My take on nutritious options on snack usually restricts on sprouts salad, murmura, peanuts, fruits, whole wheat / oats biscuits etc – But I bet, you meet the boredom to the taste easily and monotonous of choices again makes you  to reach those tastier but unhealthy snack options quite easily. So, requirement to meet the taste buds with new variation is always a welcome.

That day with my fight of choosing right amongst the variety of choices in the hyper market my eyes came across the Grekyo Yogurt – which promised indulging in a healthier snack experience. And too my surprise it was YUMMY!

Grekyo is Greek yogurt and if you are a yogurt lover you would know that Greek make it Just perfect!

Its recipe comprises of hung curd which is less fat, thicker, smoother and tastier when compared to regular curd. And the one launched by NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo Yogurt promised of having more calcium, protein, real fruit pieces (which is usually not available in regular fruit yogurt available at the market under major brands) , less sugar and fat as low as 2% (WOW!). So you can easily forget calories and literally indulged in healthy snacking.

With a competitive price point of INR 35 (100g) it goes easy on pocket and can replace a pack of biscuits/ chips in your kids mid meal / or can accompany you in your lunch bag for mid evening snacks, offering a good variety of flavors like Mango, orange, blueberry, Pineapple, strawberry everyday a new flavor can be added in the snack kitty.

Also, one can make it tastier by topping it with your favorite bunch of nuts, oats, cereal etc for making it more fuller and healthier!

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