Making learning fun!
|   Jul 06, 2015
Making learning fun!

Learning requires creative thinking; much of learning consists of rote memorization. Kids get bored easily and your challenge is to find ways to make learning fun.

If you tailor a child's learning experience to his or her interests, though, and present the information in entertaining formats, you can usually “train” children to associate learning with positive things. The earlier you start with kids, the better, but it is important that you persist in your efforts no matter how old your kids get.

With this in mind I try and make learning easy for my child, he is inclined towards creative side so I find out ways to make him learn that way by finding out new ways out which can interest him better.

Nowadays Abeer, my son is interested  in watching videos on Youtube for DIY’s, Toy reviews and other stuff. In the process to make my child learn better this time I used him as  tool of learning – yes I made a video for him to learn on a simple subject – saying lines on “Myself” with him saying it (recorded his voice) and he depicting him as graphics. It has been made from the perspective of a 5 years old kid – and here’s  the output:


All children love to talk about themselves and their favorite things. The emotions kids show doing this are just fascinating to me.

Happy learning kids!

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