Minion hat - DIY
|   Sep 01, 2015
Minion hat - DIY
Minion fever is all over...
kid's targeted brands are offering minions through merchandise like McDonald's offering lil cute characters in their happy meal variant. Tictac offering banana flavored ones etc.
adults are too going nuts for these yellow creatures by getting them inked/ tattooed on them some for kids or out of love.

At our home we love minions son who has already collected 5+ characters from happy meal still looks forward for more :) 
And not only this he comes with ideas too to create something on his own


This leads me to support his creative efforts - and this time we landed up making a minion hat :
Birthday hat preferable in yellow color else we can paint it with yellow acrylic.
2 small disposable plastic tea cups 
2 ping pong / TT ball in white.
Black marker
Silver / pearl white finish acrylic paint.
Paint brush
Black 1 inch tape.
Double sided tape
And fevicol


Take the disposable cups paint the outer with silver / pearl white paint and let it dry. 

Take ping pong ball and make a black spot with marker as it will turn out to be the eye balls.stick the balls in side the cups preferably with double sided tape.

Take the birthday hat and stick the black tape all over - like in picture below:

 Stick the cups with ball on hat with fevicol or double sided tape and let it dry to stay firm.

Tada...your minion hat is ready for minion based theme parties or just for fun!


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