Technology and my young Genius – conquer your fears as a parent
|   Jul 09, 2015
Technology and my young Genius – conquer your fears as a parent

A mere 20 years ago, children used to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing sports and building forts. Masters of imaginary games, children of the past created their own form of play that didn't require costly equipment or parental supervision. Children of the past moved... a lot, and their sensory world was nature based and simple. In the past, family time was often spent doing chores, and children had expectations to meet on a daily basis. The dining room table was a central place where families came together to eat and talk about their day, and after dinner became the center for baking, crafts and homework.” These lines are from a famous author Cris Rowan  talking on children’s development in the midst of technology in today’s time, and I can so very relate to it as my child hood years where Mom, Dad, world around us and books we read were our Google and still we learnt real lessons of life.

Kids now a days are quite different, as you say – Generation Gap and in this generation children get prone to technology so simple as getting prone to any past famous play of our time like “Stapu” or “Pass the parcels”, so its as quick as a finger click. A 1.5 year old or rather younger would start using your Tab / Smartphone as quick as quick fix works on objects! LOL. Funny but true the Gen X is much much faster like a shooting star and smarter …

Buts it’s true that comparatively today’s children who rely on technology for almost everything are facing issues with less creative skills, aggression, and other emotional disorders. High-tech gadgets may be current fashion, but no one knows yet what impact all this technology is having on developing bodies and minds. With these points and many more below are listed concerns of the parents who are still not sure for what is the right Tech device for their little buds…

Concern  A :How much is too much?
Technology is everywhere - Whether at school or at home, for work or for play, there’s always a screen in the room. But at what point should we set a break by limiting their usage.

Concern  B :How do you ensure safety on the Internet?

It’s not hidden from anyone that the content available on the internet appropriate for your child, and defining a right and wrong is difficult for a child to understand till consequences are met! And now-a days keeping your child away from the dangers over internet and keeping child web-safe is a concern for the parents and turn them into “helicopter parents”

Concern  C :How can you be aware of your child being cyberbullying?

Social media wakes, sleeps and  lives with us in our cellphones, tabs and computers and parents have a major concern of about the bullying that can go on with these sites, as there is a fare of cyberbullying, trolls and haters too if kids are not protected over internet.

Concern  D :What kind of exposure be bad for my child, can I control their reach?

From one central computer in the house that all family members used earlier to smartphones mean that all of us are in our own private worlds, having private relationships with the internet and social media, parents concerns rises for age appropriate usage.

These and many more, me you and any other parent would atleast once come across such thoughts concerned about children's inclined behavior towards tech devices. But with all these cons and fears we have to  believe that Technology is here to stay and we should help our children create balance in their lives on technology usage, as they rightly say “Whether technology helps or hurts in the development of a child’s thinking depends on what specific type of technology is being used and how is the frequency being monitored.”


And today being a mother when my child has why, what and how coming up all the time for everything  I feel it’s so very necessary to keep them updated for smart answers and deep knowledge to face the clever world. I as a parent settled the fight within  me for Yes or No for technology and came to a solution for all my concerns which were discussed above, so here are the answers which and give you a relief.

Concern  A :How much is too much?

Answer: Technology creates a gateway to let your children know – what is going on in the other part of the world. Set a time frame to use these devices according to their age and devices specially meant to be for kids is a good choice. Micromax has recently launched such a wonder #CanvasTabby which can be used by the entire family. It has an easy and engaging interface especially crafted for kids with the feature of Time Manager – now you can decide what time is good time for your kid by putting limits for daily usage of each app category to maximize learning for kids.

Concern  B :How do you ensure safety on the Internet?

Answer: Installing an Internet filter or family safety software is one way of keeping the unsafe sites at bay, with this it’s important to Manage your children's time on the Internet as by not allowing free time over internet the chances of being exposed to inappropriate content reduces. For this again, Tab like  #CanvasTabby has feature of  View Progress Reports – with this you can get valuable insights into your child's activities and areas of interest as you access reports on the Canvas Tabby. You can also access reports remotely on the Tabby website.

Concern  C :How can you be aware of your child being cyberbullying?

Answer: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So learning about the dangers associated with sites your children frequent visit and guiding his way out is a good idea. But with a device like #CanvasTabby which has strong Parental Controls which lets you customize kids' profiles, set time limits, filter content and websites, change phone settings, view reports, access parent profile and reach out for help with a touch on Canvas Tabby’s Parent Dashboard. All worries can fly away.

Concern  D :What kind of exposure be bad for my child, can I control their reach?

Answer: Your phone or similar gadgets would not be safe for kids so choosing devices with child’s age specific content, Content Filter feature, and Strong Parental Controls, can have a upper hand on the soft targets – your children and again #CanvasTabby takes this point too in giving a parent what he needs for his child.

Make the best use of technology for your buds to turn into beautiful flowers, by choosing what’s best for them. Let them get creative, learn better and get entertained by sharing the knowledge of both your and present world.

For me getting these answers were a click away as most of my questions get resolved by visiting , which has the features not only listed but are being talked about by the parents themselves!

Enjoy your cup of technology…but just be alert by smart moves! 

Friendly Tips for Parents:

  • With the increasing pressure on kids for becoming  jack of all traits and fight to score high, children are scheduled with loads of activities in a day involving both extra co-curricular activities and studies, parents should let the child live their childhood – let them lay on the grass and stare up at passing clouds.
  • Technology is good for overall learning and development for your child, but excess of everything is bad. Avoid its habit and keep things in moderation.
  • Making yourself aware of advantages / disadvantages for things around us can take a long way to keep up with time and be future ready. 

  • How often have you observed your children texting while apparently spending "quality time" with their children? Hello? How can they expect their kids to keep their text and Social Media habits under control when they cannot? Please note, drawing a line is important but to fit in your steps under these are fairly most important as you set an example for your kids. Please limit your usage on gadgets to maintain discipline. 

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