Vijayadashmi and making Ravana
|   Sep 22, 2014
Vijayadashmi and making Ravana

The festival of Dussehra is celebrated with great zeal and fervor across various regions in India and is prevalently known as Vijayadashmi. The exuberant and vibrant festivities of Dussehra are celebrated in many different ways across India based on the various regional and cultural legends attached with it, since India is a magical land of diversities. In North India, the day marks the occasion when Lord Rama vanquished the demon King of Lanka to rescue his wife Sita. In East India, especially in West Bengal, the day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Goddess Durga over a vicious demon named Mahishasura, while in many south Indian states, this scared day is dedicated to the worshipping of Goddess Saraswati, the bestower of knowledge.

The children are usually very excited with well lighted surroundings and mighty figures of Ravana which turns into fumes along with sounds of firecrackers inbuilt in the giant figure itself…My son’s excitement fever of seeing the Ravan figure turning into fumes with loud firecrackers runs throughout the Vijaydashmi day – He being aware of the facts of the festival as we usually take him for the Ramlila held near home

The excitement raised 2 weeks before this time and he wanted to make his own ravan – which he would burn on Dussehra – and so my work thoughts took formation of the following figure apt for the little hands


This small figure of the Ravana was made using spare disposable tea/coffee paper cups, which were joined in the middle with the help of double tape.

My son then painted the cups with blue watercolours and we kept it for drying…an old carton was used to make the 10 faces and a sword along with the shield.

And for hands wooden ice cream spoons were used. Rest golden sparkle was used for decoration along with a golden celotape.

The output was cute and my son was very happy…he was planning the event of using firecrackers in it and to burn it on the D day.

Our little efforts towards our kids interest can give the little souls immense pleasure and a sense of happiness to us to.

Happy Vijayadashmi to all of you!

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