Mommy, put your health on your checklist - Do it as Madhuri Dixit and Sushmita Sen do it
|   May 09, 2015
Mommy, put your health on your checklist -  Do it as Madhuri Dixit and Sushmita Sen do it

Typically like it happens in 80% or more households in India, my Mom’s morning also meant doubling up as the alarm clock, cook, butler, PA, driver and pretty much everything on the cards. In a superficial way, she was active. But was she, really? Today she has frail bones, twisted nerves and I haven’t even started with blood pressure, sugar, thyroid and unfortunately many more. Could she have avoided being this ill even with the most busted genes? May be, may be not. But I do not want to be left second guessing at a later stage.

IMG_4446This realisation has changed my life since the beginning of this year. And of course I cannot go on pushing my luck. Not when I know my toddlers still have a long way to go. I’d rather be with them in person, than in their thoughts. So after all the believable excuses I’ve come up with all this time, it is time for action. Here. Now.

Why Now?

Compare your body to your car. If it needs servicing after 5000km, I bet you will not wait for one extra km. Listen to your body. It is giving you signals. There is a reason you are feeling tired, over-stretched and angry all the time. No, it is not a side-effect of old age. It is a warning for you to make some serious lifestyle changes, now.

Where do I start?
In your bed. Or rather off it. Don’t lie there wasted all day, watching television or playing on the internet. I bet half of these companies have shares in pharmaceutical companies too. First they make you sick and then they hit the jackpot, healing you. Well almost healing you, if you count in the side-effects.

But I have been working out?
Oh come on, the only thing working over-time on those neighbourhood walks are your ear muscles. Yes, admit it. Your brain is as active as it can be while you grasp all the rumours, juicy encounters etc on these kitty-walks. There is nothing healthy about it because it is more of a stroll in the park with your bum-chums rather than a preview to a great marathon.

I don’t have time to hit the gym and Yoga is oh so boring.
Did you really settle for the first guy who crossed your path? Then why can you not look for your active-partner?
Find a workout partner: it might motivate you to be regular and active if you have some interesting company and a common goal.
Cook-up your own Yoga or some xyz workout: yes there are thousand ways of cooking potatoes and even more for practising yoga. Slow, fast, easy, difficult, in zero temperatures, in a furnace etc. And if that does not suit you check out these fabulous, different ways of getting active that even Bollywood celebrities swear by.

223685-senAerial Silk
Sushmita Sen might have won her Ms Universe crown back in 1994 but surely her fitness does not reveal her age. So if you want to be like her then learn to play with gravity. Aerial Silk is a broad form of dancing that mixes yoga, dancing, ballet and one of the most disciplined martial arts, Kallaripayatu. If you cannot wait for her studio to open in your neighbourhood then look for a trainer who knows ‘Anti Gravity’ inside out. A distant cousin to ‘Aerial Silk’ it blends traditional yoga with acrobatics, gymnastics and Pilates and is a rage across UK.

It has been around for years now, and has survived the quick changing fads in India too. This Latin-inspired dance-fitness program makes you jump-up, shake-up and sweat really hard. And for this you really do need the flash-mob kind of enthusiastic crowd, so you are never alone. Yes, Mommy show the kids how to party.


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.22.40 pm

Dance with Madhuri Dixit
This can be your secret get-active-date at home with the Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit, anywhere in the world. Learn classical and contemporary from the dance diva and a whole lot of other experts, online. How cool is that?

Belly Dancing
This is being active on a whole new level. If all that booty shake of Bollywood sends you in a tizzy, well this one tugs on body parts you did not know exist. But if you want an active belly too, then mate, this one is for you. Belly dance classes are available as easily as noodles, anywhere in the world.


2013-doonya-dance-dvdDance workout now on DVD
Now this one could make me question why that drunk uncle in the Punjabi weddings doing bhangra like a pro, still has a paunch? After-all strenuous yet enjoyable dance forms can take you to new heights of active living. And you don’t really need an expert, just dance with any similar YouTube video and you are good. But if you’d rather do it with the expert then Doonya, a New York City based start-up has a DVD workout that you can buy on Amazon.

And if you are wondering why there are so many dance fitness programmes on our list well read this article on Health Benefits Of Dance on

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.33.53 am
Sliding and Gliding
Do you remember sliding? I remember on a good day I could slide from one end of my drawing-room to the other. What was a game then has now been transformed into a full-fledged toning tool.
Get your Gliding Complete Kit with Dvd on Amazon and tone the last muscle in your body. Just step onto the two circular discs provided in the kit and then attempt squats, hip raises etc. Feel the pain and live healthy.

That brings me back to myself. What am I choosing? Well let us just say that I am on a joy ride, and a very peaceful one at that. It is called Street Cycling! Next on the cards is definitely one of these latest fitness fads from Bollywood.

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