Why you and your bum should be really thankful to ‘Made in China’
|   May 05, 2015
Why you and your bum should be really thankful to ‘Made in China’

IMG_0342If you plan to visit China keep off the  Yes, the longest Traffic Jam that 14 days was recorded in China. But what is interesting is that they have a ‘Made in China’ solution to this. It is called Traffic Jam Stand-Ins.  You can actually pay for a person to sit in your car instead of you, while you take care of your errands on the back seat of a motorcycle. Games people play, I tell you.

p4901982a834483605While we are talking about games, let me tell you that Christiana Ronaldo owes his career to the Chinese. Hold your horses, I can explain. According to historical findings, the Chinese played a game called Cuju-meaning ‘Kick the ball’, as early as 476 B.C. There is even a mention in Marco Polo’s writings.

Amazed? I am just getting warmed up. Do you use Toilet Paper? Did you know perfumed soft-fabrictoilet paper was invented in China, yes China, not Europe and not America. 15,000 sheets were made for none other than the Emperor and his family (somewhere in the late 1300s).


But what Americans did invent was the tradition that is so synonymous with Chinese restaurants that even the Chinese won’t believe me. It is Fortune Cookies. All the fortune chit-chat you ever read and wanted so badly to come true, well, Honey it is just that, chit-chat. Made-up by a worker in the Key Heong Noodle Factory in San Francisco in the 1920s, there is nothing cultural or lucky about it. Just saying!



What is a Chinese tradition is that when entering the house after marriage for the first time, the husband carries his wife over a pan of burning coals. Why? Well it ensures that the wife will have a successful labour. In India, the custom is to have the groom to drink Milk with Saffron. The reason? That’s an entire article in itself.

What would a marriage be without Silk? Hmm, Silk and the business of making it was one heavily guarded secret in ancient China. So much so, if you were found leaving its shores with even one cocoon you had to say bye-bye to your head. I wonder if all the Punjabi Aunties and even Michelle Obama would have risked that, given their love for all things Silk. 

Worried about security? Forget the dog officers, they are recruiting Geese Police in China. Now does the ‘Goosey Goosey Gander’ nursery rhyme make more sense to you. They have been always known to be fierce and upright, I say.

 IMG_0344-0If that doesn’t impress you much, Google the most popular reality show in China hosted by the glamorous Ms. Ding. It is as real as reality TV gets, death row prisoners are intervieweddays or moments before they are put to death. What was supposed to be a deterrent has evolved into a Saturday night show watched by 40 million viewers.

If you don’t have the stomach for this then go watch a rom-com over popcorn or fries. Fries? Jeez! What would the world do without China? Can’t even enjoy our fries, because Ketchup was invented in China.

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