The Little Dictator
|   Feb 14, 2017
The Little Dictator

It's sad that we do not remember our babyhood or even our toodlerhood. It must have been a glorious time. How else would you describe a life where there is always one dedicated person to do your bidding and some part time assistants to fill in the gaps! As adults, we get used to adjusting but babies...oh no...they want it and they want it now!

When you first take a look at the angelic face, all wrapped up and ASLEEP, you can never guess what a little dictator hides beneath those wraps. I don't know about you but my baby is very opinionated from day 1. She doesn't like something she will let you know...and the people in the next building know as well! 

When as adults are we able to make demands like "Clean my poop, now!" "Rock me to sleep, now!" Or..our favourite..."Feed me, NOW!" All they need to do is scream and we as hapless adults run helter-skelter to meet their every demand leaving half-eaten food and half-shampooed hair! Even as we clean them as quickly as we can through their screams, we have no choice but to ignore our very own screaming bladders.

It's great to imagine we too yielded such great power once upon a time. The adults wait with bated breaths for that smile (even if it might just as well be a unintentional muscle twitch). We ask in our best baby voice, "What do u want mumma?" The devilish angel smirks, probably thinking, "I want your head on a stick slave!" and we swoon thinking "Oh my baby is so adorable!"

You see folks, it's a circle of life. Even as you toil in the middle of the night in a disheveled state making sure your baby is clean and fed. Even as the constant crying bring tears to your adult eyes as well. Even if you wonder, "Why are u torturing me like this?" as your little angel turns beet-red screaming and you have no idea why...take heart. Remember, you too were a little dictator once and this too shall pass!

Dedicated to all those mothers feeling overwhelmed with meeting the little ones demand.

P. S. This blog was written with a humorous intent. All those over-sensitive, over-the-moon mothers, please take it in the flavour it was intended. :)

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