Should I have a kid now? No, Not Now
|   May 17, 2017
Should I have a kid now? No, Not Now

The question has been lingering on my mind for almost 7 years now, since the time I have got married.

All these years there was not one perfect moment when I felt that “it is the time”. Whenever I ask this question to myself, the answer is always a “No, Not Now”.


A new job to prove my capabilities, a promotion in sight, extensive business travel planned for the year, a financial responsibility, scared of being jobless, the obsessiveness to be financially independent, the fear that if on job who will look after the kid, the reasons are different but they mostly revolved around my career and support system. The thought of raising the kid with good values, proper health, quality education, the wish to be a perfect mother never coincided with the thought of being a working woman and not being with the kid for 12 hours a day and on the days when the job will demand travelling for days.

I know there are so many super-moms out there who are excelling in their career yet giving the best upbringing to their child. A big “bow” to them, you are living a life which I am not able to visualize in last so many years. Even after going through numerous such stories online and the ones shared by my friends, I was never able to convince myself to be one of them.

It is not that I have never desired to be a mom, but these thoughts have always dissuaded me to take the plunge. Luckily, my husband has always left the decision up to me. He understands that it has to be my body, my heart and my mind that has to be first ready to take this responsibility.

Last week when I met my gynecologist, she was clear to point out that my biological clock is ticking at the age of 31. Again she left me thinking and asking myself the same question, Should I have a kid now? The answer still didn’t change, “No, Not Now”. Why? If you ask, I have got a new job with a position I have been eyeing on for years.

But this time, my heart wants to ask this question to all you moms out there, I am right in what I am thinking? Before it gets really late for me.

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