Playing with words, a self discovery - 26.5.15.
|   May 27, 2015
Playing with words, a self discovery - 26.5.15.

It is always a blessing to hear your child call you as her mother for the first time. Speech is a form of acceptance. You speak to form meaning about the things around you. One’s value is sought by language. Without language there is no display of intellect. We stand out from animals on this form of communication.

Anytime between 9 months and 2 years, we articulate our tongue to form sounds which later form into words. By the end of two years, the children will be able to speak over 200 words. My lo started with ‘appa’ ‘amma’ and went on to get comfortable with pa-pa, ba-ba and da-da. She loved the association with ta-ta and waving her hand. She would play attention to our lip movement and sync her words. Sounds are more fascinating for babies to catch a grip of activities happening around the house. A growling of a dog and a whirl of a grinder  would prick the ears of my lo who would cuddle behind my behind in anxiety. Why do children love rhymes? They are catchy and repetitive. Sound modulation makes them understand the intensity of speech. When we don’t want them to do something, we shout at them and voice our displeasure. At their stage they are curious that their action has an effect.

It is preferred to divert the child to do another activity, rather than taunting them by saying the no word.

Reading is another medium to enable children to get familiarity with words. Allot a particular time during the day when the child is not over simulated and read to him. It should be made into a ritual where the babies love discovering facts and learn values through beautifully woven stories.Reading is said to strengthen the emotional bond between the parents and children.Picture books and flashcards are another ways for keeping the babies engaged.

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