Don’t feel embarrass to learn from kids
|   Aug 02, 2015
Don’t feel embarrass to learn from kids

Yesterday my son shouted on me.

“I am asking water for so long. Can’t you give it to me?”

I was shocked to listen such words from him in such a manner.

“How are you speaking? Is this the way to speak?

I was stunned when he replied, “You also speak in such manner with me. Why can’t I?”

I had no words to say that time, I just say sorry beta, and I will also not speak like this with you and anyone else also.

And then you promise me that you will also talk politely with others.

He promised me and said,” Mamma please give me a glass of water.”

This incident let me realised that

        Kids do what they watch,

        Speak what they listen

        And remember what they do.

Now this is in our hands that how we want our kids to groom.

1.    We should think before we speak to our kids or in front of our kids. Because kids noticed everything that how we are behaving in our society.

2.    We should watch what they are watching because not only from family but from the programs they watch on TV they catch the words and activities very quickly and try to repeat them.

3.    We should be careful about their friends and neighbourhood. The effect of surroundings is very much on the kids mind.

4.    Sometimes it not possible to watch all the activities they are doing. In that case if you notice any negative change in their behaviour then correct it immediately so that they don’t follow it further. But be careful that it should be in polite manner .

5.    Tell your child to correct you if you speak something wrong. So he will feel himself responsible towards it and will understand what is wrong and what is right. This is the best way to teach child .

This is the age when you can mould your child. Now it’s in your hand that you mould it in right shape or not.

Share your views if you also think so.

Happy parenting.




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