Kids can be good teachers to Parents.
|   Mar 11, 2016
Kids can be good teachers to Parents.

Eight year old are the latest pre teens. They are independent, smart and hence are in constant disagreement with parents by proving they know it all. The other day my elder daughter was arguing with me for something too silly. After few minutes of reasoning, I lost it and said "whats your problem" without realizing that I have a 3 year old alert listener who is waiting to grab and include new words in his dictionary which he uses extremely well in apt situations. The very next minute I refused to give him a bowl of grapes since it was dinner time and shoot he goes "Whats your problem Mumma". Did I just create a pre pre teen already?  Well, I learnt a lesson from him and that is watch what you say around kids.

My son picks any toy or any object whether a blue bus, a spoon or a shirt and asks me to tell him a story about it. I make stories impromptu, he loves them all and rewards me with claps and kisses. He taught me to be creative, innovative, appreciative. He teaches me that one can find happiness and pleasure in small things.

A woman wears multiple hats. Sometimes these hats can give headaches!!! There are days when I loose my temper and patience and yell at my kids. But when I say sorry, they instantly say its OK. They hug me. I learn, forgiving is not so hard.

Kids' tantrums can easily throw away our patience. But loosing patience and reacting makes the child more rebellious and stubborn. Handling them with patience gives good results. Again they teach us patience, perseverance and consistency.

We call them lessons of parenting. But who taught us these lessons? Our very own child !! Doesn't that make him our teacher?

These and many more such experiences have made me realize that in a metro mechanical life, where children are hyper and traditional parenting doesn't work any more, learning from children sometimes helps  parenting!!



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