Shhhh - Kids at Work !!
|   Jun 07, 2016
Shhhh - Kids at Work !!

"Mumma wake up, we have a surprise for you”. I woke up from the most peaceful noon nap I have had in a while and saw my 8 and 3 year old standing in front of me dipped in colorful paint and chocolate sauce. Their eyes were sparkling with excitement and expressed a sense of achievement. Even before I could react to their appearances they handed me their greeting cards which said “Best mommy of the world. I love you”. The cards spoke well for the paint on their clothes. They then took me to their play table which was carefully kept in the centre of the living room and pulled a little chair and asked me to sit on it. They asked me to close my eyes and with giggles and excitement ran to the kitchen. “Open eyes Mumma! We made this for you. This is our special dessert for our special Mumma who works very hard for us” announced my 8 year old while the little one just repeated every word in his lisp speech all excited. In her hand was a glass with a piece of Oreo dipped in chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Well, that solved the mystery of chocolate sauce on their clothes and mouth.
On any other day, I would get angry and irritated with all the mess that they make with paints and colors as a result of a fight over not agreeing to share things. But today was different. Just before I went for my nap, I had expressed to my 8 year old that Mumma is feeling really tired and needs to rest. After a brief pause, she had immediately agreed to take the responsibility of her little brother and ensure that I could sleep undisturbed. While I was blissfully asleep, the two partners in crime actually shared the paint to make the cards, shared and ate their scoop of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and also made one for me. Much to my amusement, I also found out that they had used my favorite tee from the laundry basket to clean the floor full of paint and the mess on the kitchen platform. They knew Mumma does not like a mess. To my surprise even after hearing this sequence, I was not angry.
My entire perspective towards all their mischief had changed. I realized that today was about sharing their feelings for Mumma. It was about sharing their materialistic and emotional world with each other as siblings. It was about understanding the pleasure and happiness of give and take. It was about showing that they care.  Today, I felt I am on track as a parent in terms of giving the basic but important values to my kids. They had indeed made a memory with their mess. I enjoyed my special dessert; it was the best dessert of my life and the feeling of being a mother was eternal and full of pride.
As for my favorite Tee was concerned, they made sure Pappa got a new one as a gift. What more can a mother ask for on a Mother’s Day!!

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