Kids lunch box ideas
|   Jun 14, 2017
Kids lunch box ideas

Hi All,

I am a mother of 5 year son...oops working mother.Being a mother help you to manage so many thins all together,by nature you will learn yourself how to manage so many thins at a time.The biggest worry for every mom is to give her child a healthy and nutritious food and in that to peak how much kids are eating that you have prepared with so much of love and so much of hard work(specially managing time with work).

The one thing which makes every mother worried about their school going kid what to give in lunch box.So I will suggest you some kids lunch box ideas which are healthy and easy to make same time.

1) Paneer Paratha ( Paneer is a rich source of protein and calcium)

2) Palak Poori(Palak rich source of iron)

3) Vermicili Upma with veggies(Veggies nicely cut adds lots of vitamins and minerals)

4)Rava idli with grated veggies(Add grated veggies to idli batter kids can not take it out so easily and finish it)

5)Besan chilla(Make better with butter milk and water,Buttermilk keeps it soft for long and good source of vitamins and minerals) If you want to add grated veggies you can add to it.

6) Egg Paratha(All of us knows egg is a complete food for growing kids)

7) Gobhi paratha,Mooli paratha,Raw papaya Paratha

8) Potato pakode

9) Along with these above quoted items additionally fried makhana,fried kaju or pista can be given in small amount as kids enjoys munching these things.

10) Try to include little of any seasonal fruit daily.Avoid use of breads,packed and ready to eat foods like pastas and maggi in lunch as these food items loose their nutritional value after sometime of cooking.

11) Make your kid aware importance of having water.Some kids skip drinking water.Some times my son also does same.

12) Minimize use  of plastics try to use stainless steel lunch boxes and water bottle.

For any query related to any recipe you can contact me...Enjoy moms as schools are about to reopen in sometime.

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