|   Jul 04, 2017

Kids today are surrounded by a lot of clutter which could be TV /mobile phones /other tech gadgets besides all the toys and games and to top it all,the activities that they need to do besides their school work.

Compared  this to the times that we lived in ,it was much more peaceful ,single channel TVs ,free play and studies .That was it!

To survive in this tough world and make the right choices I think it is really important for them to have a space that they can call their own ,it could be a corner in the master bedroom or more lavishly their own room.

To be able to allow them to function in these spaces safely and on their own ,its important that they are as friendly as possible. Its important to create a space where they feel safe and free ,free to do whatever they want.

As a person who creates these spaces, I would advise :

  • A single wall with a chalkboard panel at a lower level where the kid is able to create whatever he/she wants. #Amazon has some great options for chalkboard stickers or chalkboard paints .They come in beautiful colours other than black.
  • Wall hooks at a lower level so they understand that the bags have to be hung by them and not mama/didi .This small things make them more independent besides adding some design quotient to their rooms. The kids décor website has a huge range of them
  • Provide them with labeled boxes or colour specific or print specific boxes for different things so that they can differentiate between things that need to be stored like toys go in red box or the car box /books go in the blue box or the fish box .Kids find this distinction easy to relate to and understand visual differentiation  more at the toddler stage. #flyfrogkids
  • Book racks should be provided at a lower level so that they can stack their books themselves ,choose the book they want to read.It is more child friendly and makes them more independent.
  • Let their room be without a TV.
  • Let the light be ambient if you have a baby and if he is toddler than his study area needs to have a focused light so that he can read well. #philipslighting

As parents we might want to keep them right under our nose but every kid needs at least an hour everyday of free play  and a “ do what you want and how you want time “ without any do’s and donts but at the same time a safe place.

This is not an indulgence but a necessity in todays times when they are pushed from all sides.

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