|   Oct 27, 2016

My journey with my little one started about 5 years ago and everyday since then has been full of surprises. Parenting is a tough job because with you lies the responsibility of shaping an individual.An individual who is  eventually a reflection of your values and beliefs.

I am an architect but my son is my most beautiful creation and I hope to instill in him the values I have grown up with.I might be old fashioned but they still hold a lot of relevance today.I want him to grow up to be a honest and compassionate individual who can differentiate between right and wrong.Most important is that he should be rooted.

My days with are usually full delightful but sometimes when the support system goes for a toss ,I just sit back and wait for the day to just END.I keep telling myself that tomorrow is another day.

As a working mom I am sometimes full of guilt and the worst is when you land up early someday and your little says “Mamma,how come your are back when the sun is still up. “ But what I tell myself is that I wouldn’t be happy to be just home so am glad that I am working because a happy mother means a happy family.As a working mom ,one tends to prioritize and delegate  better .As a worker you do tend to become  more efficient.Parenting does make you better as a person and you do tend to understand issues before reacting.Most important is that your patience to nonsense is much higher.

The best times are the weekends where we sit together and watch movies from animation to bollywood movies on friendship.Its amazing to see how he notices small things which you sometimes overlook. The  wonderful way he tends to explain everything in that innocent way  is fun to experience.I love it when my son thinks that he knows it all and explains something  to me and says “Mamma,this is how it happens,good you asked me  !!”At times like this I feel on top of the world and you can see the weird smile on my face .

Most of all my journey with my son has taught me to be a dreamer .I love to enter his world of the most unimaginable things he creates out of  a bunch of pillows or how the chair becomes his car and how he runs around the house defeating monsters.

Childhood is a boon and as parents we get a second chance and we should not let it go. We should just enjoy every minute of this amazing time since goodtimes fly faster and before you know they are old and living their own life.

Live the good times with your little one!

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