Well-wishers stop judging me... 
|   Mar 08, 2017
Well-wishers stop judging me... 

My dear well-wishers

Today I am writing this letter to you as I am fed up with your constant poking and judgement on my personal matters. I wanted to let you know about my feelings earlier also but the time wasn't right. But today on women's day itself, I want to tell you that stop judging me everytime.  I am not your personal property. I am a human, I have a life, I have my choices. So why everytime you come up with your judgements.

Why have you judged me for marrying in my late 20s. I had some responsibility which you aren't aware of. I wanted to work to be independent and free. Why did it bother you so much. 

Why I have been judged to leave my job after Marriage? I put my family first and moreover I wanted to enjoy my newly married life to the core. 

Why I have been judged when I put on weight all of a sudden. Nobody in this world wants to be fat. Do u realise that I could be suffering from some disease that had caused my weight gain. But you my dear well-wishers judged me very easily. 

Why I have been judged when I delivered a baby girl and lavishly thrown a party for my girl. It's my baby, it should be my wish how much and how I want to spend on my baby girl. Had I delivered a baby boy, would you say the same thing? 

Why I am still judged for being the parent of a single child. My daughter has already filled my world with happiness. I want to give my best to her. Having or not having a second child should be my decision, not yours. 

So  my well-wishers, please get a grip on your life. You haven't been in my shoes so stop judging me and let me live my life. 

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