Why are kids being image conscious... 
|   Mar 19, 2017
Why are kids being image conscious... 

Few days back when I went to pick up my daughter from school, one of my daughter's friend was crying and hitting his mother very badly. His mother out of sheer embarrassment and panic hit him hard and dragged him all the way to the car and vanished. I wondered what went wrong. The same day we bumped into each other at the market and I asked about her child and the reason of his crying. What I heard next was really disturbing. The child was crying and hitting because he wanted to go back home in some luxury car and not simple one. He has been saying to his mother that he doesn't want to use their car as it is not a Big one. (my daughter and that friend of hers are in playgroup). I was surprised to know that.  These kids are merely 3 year old and they are so image conscious. 

Yesterday a friend told about an incident that happened to her daughter in her school. A student stole my friend's daughter's shoes from the class and kept her shoes in place of hers. Those shoes were in bad shape and my friend's daughter's one were brand new. I am trying to understand the mentality of a 7 year old child who wanted to hide her embarrassment of wearing old and torn shoes  and wanted to build some image by wearing brand new shoes. 

These two incidents prompt me to write this blog as to why today's kids are so image conscious. What all they are observing? And where are they heading? Obviously we adults are at the fault because kids learn whatever they observe. But there in no denying the fact that we are living in a pomp and show world. Today I can change myself for the sake of my child but I can't change the whole world. She can get this attitude of show off and image from the world also. Then how to protect the innocence of the child in this branded world? Please pour in your inputs. 

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