Self service at home ! A big NOOOOO!
|   Mar 15, 2017
Self service at home ! A big NOOOOO!

We often go out to hotels, restaurants or food joints with family, friends or beloved one for celebrating important days, on a date or just like that. Even though we shell out a lot of money, we have to go for buffet /  self service. Self service has become a common way of service at these places. But have we ever thought of the same (self service) at home? No, right?

I guess its time to think on this point. Mother / wife under go a lot of physical and mental strain to fulfill their responsibilities at home. They put in effort in cooking those delicious dishes for us. And that too on time. They do even surprise us with our favorite yummilicious food at times. But what we do is, just sit at the dining table and give orders (mumma! Zara dal leke aana! Or Babyyyy! Zara sabji serve karna! Salt lekey aana! Phew!) to serve or bring more from kitchen or bring something else. Nah! Forget about the dining table. Now a days everyone sits either on the couch watching TV or with mobile phone. 

On the other hand, we spend a lot of money at restaurant and go for self service. But at home we get yummy food cooked under hygienic conditions. Even though all the dishes are kept on the table, few don't prefer to serve themselves (how pity!). When someone puts in lot of effort and love in preparing lip smacking dishes for us, why can't we reduce their work by opting for self service? Why can't we bring those dishes from kitchen to table? Why can't we serve food for ourselves? And why can't we make that person who cooked for us to sit along with us and serve them too? It might seem to be a minor point but is a valid point!

Be You! Be Healthy! Be Happy!

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