Parenthood - A Rollercoaster Ride! 
|   Mar 13, 2017
Parenthood - A Rollercoaster Ride! 

Since I have been writing about mum's part in a child's life, here is little poem wriiten by me on my boy Ishan's 3rd birthday. I have narrated all my emotions till now in this poem. Please go through it and cherish your memories spent with your little one!!  I am sure you will like it!! 

I am not writing anything more as I know that every mother rather every couple will relate to this poem. I dedicate this poem to all the lovely mothers out there!!  

So here you go:

  • Heard that cry for the first time from a tiny white dough! Couldnt imagine me as a mother then, i was the one though!!
  • Couldn’t stop smiling after holding him, though I was in a deep pain! Everyone was happy happy and outside there was a heavy rain!!
  • Both the parents were too glad and were on cloud nine. And new daddy felt the pride and said this boy is all mine!! 
  • Took my boy to our home sweet home a few days later. He became our centre of attention and a beautiful life maker!! 
  • Sometimes he becomes naughty, sometime he is quiet. But i am his biggest fan and he is my magic stick of light!!
  • Yes, i do get angry and scold him up for his mischievous did. But, i think that happens when one has an active and smart kid!! 
  • Hate it when he cries a lot & then asks for my love and care. But love it when he cuddles me and puts his hand into my hair!!
  • I am trying to capture all his moves in my camera and phone. So that I can cherish the childhood of my baby who is my backbone!!  
  • Do not know when the time flew in this tiresome but cutest joyride. And nearer came the time to resume the office and work tide!! 
  • Never thought that going to office would be so painful. Every day I cry hard inside just to be hopeful!! 
  • My baby grew up so fast without any hurdle and stress. I so wanted to be with him during that phase but was helpless!! 
  • Soon he joined school and made new friends. I became happier to see him with all the little gems!! 
  • He got all the prizes and awards in his very first year of school. Amazing was that feeling which made us parents who are proud and cool!! 
  • We wish that he achieves the success and reaches all the heights. We will be on his side every time & through all the sleepless nights!!
  •  Ishan, enjoy your life to the fullest & work towards success, harder & fair. We promise to help you in every thick and thin and will always be there!!
    - Sayli Marathe – Barve

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