Language of Love is not taught in any school
|   Jan 12, 2017
Language of Love is not taught in any school

Carrying a child in your womb for months and then giving birth creates a life long bond between an offspring and a mother that cannot be described by any language or dictionary. Motherhood is a big word and of course not an easy one. It is a journey of having and raising a child with a series of ups and downs. With every new born child a mother is also born. Motherhood is like a second birth for a lady as being a mother does not come with a defined rule book but we all start writing our own .I started this journey of motherhood with my little pumpkin.

There are moments in every journey that leaves a deep footprint in your heart. One such moment was when I held you very first time in my hands. After a long and anxious wait (roller coaster ride of )of 9 months finally came the judgment day when God decided for us to meet.  After a long day of crucifying pain, due to some emergency, Doctors wanted to go  for C-section instead of normal delivery. I was trying to keep calm and read Hanuman chalisa so that my Bajrang Bali helps you to have safe entry to the world.

I was blessed with a baby girl. The moment nurse brought you to me was simply magical. You are an active baby and your eyes were wide open when we had our first encounter .I was happy. I was relaxed. I was in tears. I was overfilled with joy, pride, and anxiety. I wanted to hold you, hug you tight, kiss u. The emotions were too much to express. Words fail me to describe what was going inside me. I realized there is truth in saying that we do not only cry in distress and pain but we do cry in moments of extreme happiness as  wel. I used to think mothers are confused personalities who can cry in any situation whether happy or sad and it was my welcome to the mothers club.

Like every mother my maa also used to say “khud maa banegi toh pata chalega kyu choti choti baton ki tension leti hu .” and yes I must confess after becoming a mother myself I feel much more closer to my maa. Love and Respect barriers goes up themselves when u realize what all your mother must have gone through to make you what you are today. We always take our mothers for granted and they continue to love us unconditionally.

The feeling of becoming a mother for the first time is so very special that it can only be understood by a mother herself. Your hubby may have utmost love and care for you but however hard he tries , the whole lot of emotions flooding inside you can be comprehended only by a woman who herself has sailed in same ship of emotions.

 Today you are about 1 year old and you continue to be mine center of love and happiness .I guess no other jewel is as precious to me as your arms are around mine neck. I hope when you grow up and read this, I want you to understand and feel all the love underlying in every word of this writing.

“Standing in your shoes mom, I realize I am a mom now”

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