First Pregnancy unknown truth and fact
|   May 11, 2017
First Pregnancy unknown truth and fact

We go married in a traditional and fun filled way nothing was less than the best way of life. Life started with an good note, a caring husband workaholic but still made his best to keep up with the new life. It was new for both of us, never thought of family planning nor think of anything about the childbirth. We just had fun and in the second month of our wedding I was pregnant. Life was smooth went to doctor every month nothing big to complain had home food made by my in-laws but never complaint.

My mother lived in Chennai I was in Mumbai she used to call me day and night on every information never thought small things matter that time as it was all usual stuff. Got a job but hubby was not interested said "why do you want to strain yourself?". It sounded good at that point but felt bad latter as going to job would not have kept me idle and put me on my toes. Sitting and looking inside the four walls is not my life, should have fought and joined not worrying about the strain may be what has happened would have not. My child would have been better, never know life.

All going on with lots of ups and downs, used to feel lonely as there was no one to share the thoughts, no one to make you feel better and say it happens just stay calm. I had bp 130/90 but the doctor in Mumbai said it fine never gave me any medication nor warned me about it. But when I came back to Chennai for my delivery all the doctors immediately warned me on the bp, and never eat salt nor oil, two days post checkup I had Asthma and my bp shoot up she admitted me in the hospital saying your have a condition and must stay in hospital till delivery. When I was admitted I was only 32 weeks and at 34 weeks scan my baby was fine and there was no complication in the baby health.

I was feeling bad staying in hospital as I just came from Mumbai and wanted to have my mother food stay at my lovely home enjoy my baby shower. All things had no answers but to stay calm for my baby. I read books from of my friends and people who also were staying in the hospital for some or the other condition. They were also having pregnancy complications. When I was reading the books only then I found what my condition was, at that time there was no data card where you can browse anywhere anytime. I hadPreeclampsia, as the name sound the complication arises when you have high bp high protein and also breathing problem. It is difficult to find the condition, dr took precaution to avoid but it did occur. My baby did not receive food or oxygen for two weeks. My baby weight came down from scan 34 weeks to delivery weight of 1.65kg.

He was a preterm baby with all problems, lungs not working stomach not fully grown, I was in my ward and he in Neo natal where drs didn't give guarantee for his life. It was a uphill climb and still climbing with Problems of Spastic diplagic. His left muscles are tight basically.

I not here to scar people about pregnancy, but it is the awareness. One best advice is listen to your body, never let even a small change or issue unanswered, go to expert take answers live happy, do what you feel good, take all advice, make regular visits. Pergency is a rebirth not only new born but for the mother too.

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