And it started drizzling.....
|   Apr 28, 2017
And it started drizzling.....

My husband asked me to join some online gratitude workshop, as i keep on wondering to try new things to be better. He sent me the contact number, i got myself registered and i was added as a member for online workshop. I was excited to experience something new or perhaps something that we all had in us but never let it come out due to busy routine or perhaps we tend to escape from few emotions which can make us think in a bit different way (out of comfort zone). The workshop was of seven days duration, each day many thanksgiving habits and compassion for others was taught and activities related to that were carried out. I enjoyed doing it, discover a very compassionate person inside me and felt delighted to see other side of me that generally kept itself under piled up professional and household activities. But one major thing that I learned in my life is not from any workshop or training but my son has taught me is, Prompt response to the voice of your gut. Let the moment happen. It was a beautiful evening. I and my 10 years old son were playing in lawn. Around 7.30 pm he asked me to buy ice creams for him, so we both get ready for the market. I took my two-wheeler and we went for the ice-cream parlor. The moment i park the vehicle, a middle age lady just crossed me. She was bare footed and seems to be mentally traumatized. I was just struck to her. She was very lean and mutilated. My eyes constantly followed her to the nearby street in which she entered lost in her own thoughts. My son, Vyomesh broke the silence, "Mama, You want to help her?" I just nodded my head in a yes, still following her with my eyes. 

He again said, "That’s ok, let’s hurry-up. We will buy ice-creams and then help her out, come-on, now be quick."

I just followed his instructions and hurriedly bought the stuff, and we came back to our scooter. Again he was ready with the plan. He said, "She entered in that street and must be in the way, you just drive carefully and i will locate her meanwhile sitting behind you". It seemed to be like a mission to him and to me also. I did in same way, and at the end of the street he located her, sitting in corner of the street timidly. He shouted at once, “Mama”, Stop, “She is there”. We stopped at other side of the street. Vyomesh got down and ask me to get my slippers off to give them to her, I did that. He went to her and very lovingly just offered her those slippers. She looked at him warmly and patted him on his head. Suddenly he came back to me and asked about the balance money that I had after buying his ice-creams. I gave that to him. It was around 80-90 rupees. He rushed back to her and gave that too.

I could see the spark in his eyes and a big smile that even I couldn’t find when he got his new toys. The whole incidence happened like a short film and he seems to be a “Hero” to me. I reciprocated with same smile and he came, sat behind me, hugged me tightly and said, “My best Mama, Love You”. 

And at that moment, what happened next is what made me to write it down is, a cool, soothing breeze blew and it started drizzling. As if nature has applauded for us.

Be Compassionate. It’s inside us, but just got hidden deep inside under the piled up professional and household activities. Let it find its own way and flow it freely. 

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