Kid’s First Complaint: It’s Panicking
|   Sep 17, 2016
Kid’s First Complaint: It’s Panicking

The first complaint against your kid from school is really panicking. I wouldn’t have understood this until recently when I had to go through the experience myself.

My son is quite naughty and is getting more mischievous with every passing day. I am sure all of you reading this might have a “mine too” reaction to the statement. Yes, I know for everyone one of us “my son/daughter is the naughtiest of all.” But in my case, it was a bit relaxing as I never received any complaint against my son from school though he has been extra naughty at home since he toddled.

My son hardly took any names from school when he returned. His friends were anonymous for me even after a year of his schooling. However, since six months, I started noticing a change in him as he started taking some names, calling them his friends. Everything looked normal until his class teacher called me up to have a discussion about sudden changes in Yash.

After his first-term assessment feedback from teachers, which was super-positive, I wasn’t expecting any negative comments from them. The phone call from their side was surprising and I was worried. I went to school and met his class teacher.

Ma'am: What kind of movies does he watch?

I kept thinking about the reason behind such a question for few seconds, then I realized she was expecting an answer.

Me: Mostly, rhymes, and mythological serials.

The class teacher seemed smiling but then she said my son was being aggressive these days.

“Aggressive”? He was naughty but never an aggressive boy and hence it turned out to be something unexpected. She said he was very less fond of having his lunch and more interested in playing. She added that the teachers don’t allow him to play if he doesn’t eat satisfactory during his recess.

Now that was the point. This was just because I changed his Tiffin menu. Almost 15 days ago, parents were asked to follow the school menu to make sure they inculcated healthy eating habits in kids. Prior to the order, I used to give him whatever he liked to have.  But the menu was not meant for children, I guess.

I gave my son’s class teacher the same detailed reason to her complaint. But she hardly seemed convinced. She told me not to be lenient and act firm and ask him to eat healthy food. “My son was not throwing tantrums for which I needed to be firm.” I wanted to tell her. But I realized it was of no use at that moment.

When I had a conversation with some of the PG group’s mommies, almost all of them were facing some or the other problem with the same.  Since I started following the menu, I noticed his “Mai school nahi jaunga (I won’t go to school)” attitude.

On Monday, next to the menu notice, I prepared poha for him. All the way to school, he repeated “Main pohe nahi khaunga Mumma (I won’t eat pohe, Mumma).” I tried counselling him at home. I sat with him and discussed the item he wanted for the next day. Still, he never finished his food.

Yes I was worried and I still am but I think that being four is not the age where we can force our kids to eat what their “menu” says. And now I try he takes heavy breakfast along with milk so that even if he doesn’t take food, his stomach is not empty.

And as far as the school’s complaint is concerned, it still continues. The only difference now is I don’t panic.

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