|   Nov 19, 2015

“Of all the haunting moments of motherhood , few rank with hearing your own words come out of your daughters mouth”.

When your small little angel whom you bought up with utmost love & care steps into adolescence, goes out to experience life without parents shadowing her at all times and chooses her own path with wisdom in the higher grades of school and college-----It’s Time for   parents to realize that your teenage daughter is out in the world to prove her existence and frame her life in her own terms, choose her friends and make mistakes that sooner or later will make her aware of reality.

Striving to know that what she wants from the  world  ,  The parents want all the best things to happen to her unless they figure out ‘THE CRUSH”.

“THE CRUSH” of your innocent tiny daughter seems like red alarm “Flashing”, But   there is no reason for parents to freak out since they had also gone through it some point of time.

When you do know that your girl has been cautious of   how she presents herself or is constantly talking about just a particular person, Parents especially mothers should have the wisdom to talk and educate her daughter because talking solves all the possible problems in the world.

At least the mother shall know what all is going in the daughter’s mind and not end up sweating the small stuff, and also one thing to remember is that giving your daughter an opinion is different than giving an ultimatum.

Many crushes come and go but confronting your daughter will have only one chance to be convincing, early infatuation usually do not last for long and most kids get over them quickly.

It is also helpful for mothers to mention some of their experiences from childhood so your child realizes that what she is going through is perfectly normal.



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