Winsome summer solistice !!!
|   Aug 12, 2016
Winsome summer solistice !!!

Residing in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), how I value summers I have realized in past two years. Born and raised up in India, I have loathed summers all my life. Extreme temperatures, burning of skin, perpetual sweating and exhausting days would make me yearn for winters. Summers have never really been one of my choicest weather. But, to my own incredulity 'I Love Summers Now.' Here in Edmonton, we have extreme winters, spring, warm summers and fall. From late September to April usually is marked winters here, now that's more than half of the year, which itself makes me love summers very much. Its not that I have not seen winters before, but the winters that I have been through last two years were extreme, with the lowest temperature falling to -38°. Yes, I survived... :P Coming back to summers here, summers are short and fun and not too hot. Its that time of the year when I wait to put away all my winter stock (i.e heavy, furry insulated jackets, fully covered thick clothings, hats, gloves,woolen scarfs, boots etc) and amuse myself by indulging in some vivid, dazzling clothes, and more of outdoor activities and break free from being at home. After months of snow when you finally have that day, the vim and vigor when you can go out and feel the sun all over you is an immensely feel good factor. 

Why are the summers so amusing here? Well, of course after long winters and stay home months, we finally get to go out and do lots of activities for which the plans are made before hand and apart from that, in the city itself are lots of fun things going around for all age groups, to indulge in and rejoice. The greenery all around is breathtakingly prepossessing. From outdoor games, to gatherings, to camping to walks to hiking to gardening to Bbq parties to camp fires there are manifold things to participate in and have fun. Lot of field sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf etc can be enjoyed. The magnific Saskatchewan river flows through Edmonton, the river and the river valley are used year around for canoeing, kayaking, boating, skiing, and there are lots of other water sports and activities to participate during this time of the season. The famous Canadian Rockies are just 5-6 hours drive from here, which makes up for a pristine long weekend getaway with family and friends. The wildlife that we get to see there is yet another one of a kind experience. The city has over 460 parks which even if we want, we certainly cannot cover in just one summer season. Summer camps for kids, and countless picnic sites, recreational activities are there to do. 

-Edmonton folk music festival (A light headed four days of music, great food and a stellar setting.)  I have to mention there are so many events that goes on during summers here, that I just cant miss them. 

-Edmonton international street performers festival (Unicyclists, puppeteers, tightrope walkers, dancers and acrobats unleash their outlandish street theatre acts and entertain the crowd.)

-Canadian open water ski competition (The canadian open brings together world class professional water ski champions from all over North America and Europe along with amateurs skiers to compete in a 3 day competition.)

-Edmonton beer fest (Over 20,000+, hundreds of beers available for tasting, a whole new line-up of entertainment.)

-Heritage festival (A mosaic of multi-cultural sights, sounds and aromas.)

-Taste of Edmonton (Canada's largest food festival, peck on dishes from 60 locally owned restaurants and food trucks.)

-Edmonton air show (Tailslides, loops, snap rolls, hammerheads, low level knife edge passes and other incredible feats in the sky.)

-K days (Edmonton's spectacle rides, games, music, food and adventure. Colorful parade full of brass bands and beautiful floats, and the fireworks lighting up the sky.)

-Edmonton Latin festival (Sights, sounds and flavours from Central and South American culture, live musical artists and dancers, savory authentic food, beer gardens, kids booth surround this carnival.)

-Edmonton rock music festival (Rock and Roll is a life style. What better way to experience the rock way of life than up close with legendary bands.)

-Edmonton fringe festival (Dynamic and innovative performances with nearly 1600 local, national, and international artists.)

-Edmonton dragon boat festival (The festival showcases Asian and multiculturalism in the city of Edmonton for fun, sport and recreation.)

(Details of the events/festivals taken from : exploreedmonton)

And, I have not put everything that happens around which makes the summers here very enjoyable. Abundance of activities, diverse groups of people, frisky children, energetic youth, joyous golden agers, all of it makes me look forward to summers with lots of vivaciousness and buoyancy.

From disliking summers to falling in love with the summers here, my fondness is increasing over the time. Short and delightful and time to undertake trips and explore places and enjoy mother nature and click lots of colorful pictures and make countless memories with your people, I enjoy every day of summers. Summers and sunshine are happy times and happy times fly fast so I like to make the best out of it with more of outdoors stuff to do and spending good times with my beloved people. Writing the blog right now, staring outside my home window and seeing sunshine makes me smile even wider. Home is where the heart is and right now I feel exuberant to be a part of such a lovely place where summers are each year celebrated in high spirits and full swing. 

I would like to share a quote here, which would totally correspond with the above write up, 

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

And, now when I am done with my blog, as you all read and hopefully enjoy this, I shall go out and enjoy the summers.

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