#Stopjudging me for being Myself
|   Mar 09, 2017
#Stopjudging me for being Myself

Dear parents, 

I did not get the best student award this year, but l sung beautifully in school function. I am not the prettiest kid in town but my teachers say I am well behaved. I may not be able to solve every physics problem that I come across in two minutes but my english essay was selected to be submitted for the national level competition. 

Stop comparing me to every other kid you see.

Dear society, 

Not only Doctors, engineers, IAS officers and investment bankers qualify as humans. So do the tech support people, teachers and housewives. So do farmers and musicians. Life is not always about the bulk of money you earn. Life, for some people is about the satisfaction of seeing their masterpiece come alive. Or simply to be terribly good at their craft. 

Stop equating my happiness with money.

Dear in laws, 

My culinary skills may not be up to your expectations but know that everyday I get up from bed with the determination to try and serve you the best possible meal I can cook. I might not be praying the way you want me to but know that deep in my heart I always wish the best for you and your son.  I may not be doing lot of other things the way you expect. But know that every day I try my best to put your interest ahead of mine. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fail.

Stop assuming that I don't care.

Dear Husband,

I don't dress up for you these days, my hair is a mess and I often smell like vegetables. I toil all day to take care of you, your parents and our son. And that leaves me exhausted. I am not up to date with the current news so you don't find talking to me interesting anymore. I prefer to read, so that I can learn to be a better parent. I write, to express myself. I learn something new everyday to innovate myself.

Stop weighing me with the photo shopped models and actors you see in TV. 

With all my imperfections and flaws I keep my head high and carry on.  With my singularity and panache, each day I celebrate the phenomenon called life.

#StopJudging #StopComparing 

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