Are we losing our roots ???? …. I doubt
|   Dec 09, 2016
Are we losing our roots  ???? …. I doubt

This festive season as a group of friends got to a chat, we turned our topic towards the “Roots, culture, traditions etc. This gave an interesting thought in me. Are we losing our roots?   I tried comparing few of “our” times with the current times and felt we are giving in as much efforts possible to maintain our tradition and culture

Firstly our summer vacation courtesy  the absence of TV or social media    we had  a bunch of indoor games  like the 7 stones, pallankuzhi (Mancala game) , snake  and ladders ,  dhaayakattai ( Ludo)  , Adupuli attam  (Lambs & Tigers)  along with the daylong  outdoor games .   Later we realized that these games were focused to sharpen the Math & motor skills

Today our new age parents manage to send the kids to summer camp while away from family for art and craft activities, storytelling , other activities that sharpen their math & motor skills.  Isn’t a good effort?

We grew up in places where indirect learning of gymnastics and swimming was on trees at home and the nearby rivers. Today our parents manage squeeze time for swimming and gymnastics and Yoga classes. Aren’t the skills learnt?

We learnt the art forms like Music and dance from a neighbor turned teacher or elders of the house. Today classes on skype are conducted and learnt beyond the national boundaries. Do we still have doubt on the way forward for our Arts?

The most important part the festivals. We celebrated festivals with our extended family... Today’s family many at times around the globe  resort to community celebrations . Reflecting on the classic examples of Diwali navarathri ganpati celebrations where kids even after school along with (working !!!) parents head out to friend’s places in the traditional attires for the celebration inside and outside the house. Aren’t we  adorning  the festive spirit?

The Bhagavat Gita, sloka classes , whatsapp group of spiritual lectures ….. aren’t we with the technology and time to take our traditions forward  ?

Seeking inputs  to my questions……


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