Road side lessons
|   Mar 01, 2017
Road side lessons

In my series Lessons learnt from life, I next want to talk/ write about an old man, an evolving entrepreneur, who had taught me few lessons

“Kaka”, as I fondly address him, I have never wanted to know his name.I first walked across Kaka almost a year ago when I was surprised to see a small road side so called shop wherein few adhoc things like a comb, tea filter a piggy bank made out of reusable tin container, shaving razors. I was very fascinated at the whole concept of things and ended up buying a tea filter and a piggy bank (although we had 2 in stock at home)

I started noticing this shop, (he was yet to become “Kaka” then), and week over week saw the spread widening. Suddenly I saw few packets of pencils, then pens, next week saw few bundles of thread, and the week after that cloth bags for groceries. Few months later he  changed his location of the shop near couple of play schools.  He became  very interesting and I started my conversation with him to understand the rationale for sourcing (seems too big words right ? ) . His Simple answer was that he notices the kind of people passing by and he saw lot of people stopping by near the play school.  And other places people speed up on  their vehicles with hardly time to stop…. I realised market analysis starts with simple observation

After few days I saw him carrying all  his products and walking by to lay the shop. I felt sorry and my immediate instinct was to give him a ride to drop him at his place. He politely refused and reasoned that out saying if I get used to this and then every day I might look for  ride and that could cost my dignity, but when we offered him home made sweets for Diwali, he was very happy and gifted my Dad couple of diyas for Diwali . I learnt the value of dignity

To celebrate having Kaka around, I have resolved to buy things from his shop at least every week .

Now with holiday season nearing his shop contains more of kids toys … I’m watching out his space for more.

Pausing this blog ,praying for good  health and better business for kaka and thus would my learning continue

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