Women’s day special : CCTV footage of a work for home professional Mom
|   Mar 07, 2017
Women’s day special : CCTV footage of a work for home professional Mom

Shruti and Raghu were best friends in one of  the top management institutes who then turned life partners.  After their twins (Shama & Sudha) , Shruti decided to step out of corporate world and become a full time mom. Her entire routine revolved around the kids, she being an enthusiastic person started loving them.

Time flew by and the kids were now 8 years. One day Raghu’s female colleague Alka was mocking at how Shruti could not  handle both work and home despite being a top management graduate and hence had to take  a break.  Raghu remained calm but thought he had to reply to that. He started recording a day in their house. (Shruti was not kept informed about else would make her conscious )

 The day started up with the kids being woken up very softly since the Mommy did not have any rush to leave home . There was a quick meditation session followed by the routine and  a quick breakfast and happy bye to school and Raghu to work.  Shruti had wound up her chores and immediately with a cup of coffee had  a (thorough) round of a business daily and then as the clock struck ten, she was on her laptop checking on the stock market and her “Business” for the day

With a quick siesta, the evening set with the door being opened by a smiling mother and enthusiastic exchange of emotions between the three (Now we know the three) . With a quick snack, next was the homework time. The Maths homework on ratio was conceptualised with  the number of guests they had at home for a pooja and allocation of prashad for the guests. The science HW on vegetative propagation was taught with a Rose plant of their house that emanated from its stem  and so went the other assignments

After the play time at the garden the day for the kids ended with a  family meal (without Raghu as usual since he was a busy father who did not get into the house before 10pm)  with the stories from  Shruti and Raghu’s childhood  followed by a book reading and dimming of lights.

When Raghu came in, Shruti and Raghu had a slice of their own soaps, exchanged the news for the day and house turned dark

After few days Raghu had invited Alka to show her the recording who kept watching the video with awe since her house was always a pot of pressure with limited time for everything. At the end of it, she picked up her laptop and here writing her leave schedule for the year without any plans of heading out on a trip


Dedicated to all my work for home mom friends. Happy womens day

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