The 2 and 1/2 marks that did not matter
|   Sep 22, 2016
The 2 and 1/2 marks that did not matter

My 11 year old son rushed out of school upon seeing me and excitedly told me "I got my Maths marks....70 and half out of 80." Honestly, maths gives me nightmares even now as I struggle to calculate the complex numbers when Pav kilo, Pavna Kilo are involved.  If only the vegetable vendor knew the reason why I don't even once question his final numbers ??Kyunki....Mera dimaag Bunty ke Sabun ki tarah slow hai. 

Needless to say, I was very excited to know my son's marks.  In the same breath he added, "My marks reduced to 69 and half and finally came to 68.  I am confused now.  He explains that the teacher made a mistake while correcting and ranted off that the answers were binomial numbers and I wrote monomial numbers and I was about to say "why did you point it out if the teacher had missed it...".  That's when his innocent eyes pierced my conscience.  All along, I tell him stories of honesty as a virtue that should be imbibed for personal growth. Now, when the situation presented before him and he acted accordingly, I was about to misguide him.  I felt ashamed of myself.  My son did not even wait for my response as he was crystal clear about his actions.   But what about my thoughts??  

In another instance, he came back from an exam and told that he missed out on completing the paper because his friend who was sitting next to him puked and he immediately rushed to the washroom to help him and give him water. By the time he returned to the class, the time for the test was up and the teacher took away his paper.  I was upset about this but this time again, my son's resolve to help his friend at a sensitive time completely  won me over.  Are these not the values that I have been teaching all along? Help your friend, be selfless and numerous bedtime stories on righteousness. I am sure by now even my pillows can tell stories.

The presence of mind of my children gives me great hope.  Presence of mind comes out of their active conscience also, I guess. Else, one can act differently in both these situations.  How many times have I come across situations that demand the right approach but lack of courage has led me to adopt the look away attitude? And I question myself about how many times I have taken the right decisions. Probably children do not calculate while helping others.  

The 2 and half marks that he lost that day might have taken him a teeny weeny bit ahead in grades which would have mattered for that year but with his sensible actions, he has definitely taken a giant leap in the path of life .  Thanks for giving me the much needed pinch.

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