Almost there...while creating a life.. Second Trimester
|   Dec 20, 2016
Almost there...while creating a life.. Second Trimester

Second Trimester-

Eat healthy, whatever you feel like. Don’t keep yourself wanting for food, it may drool the child once born.(esa maine sunna tha…per why take a chance). I’m not asking to get moon, just get me dragon fruit, capers, avocados, Haagen Dazs Belgian chocolate ice-cream.he he he...

By the mid of 2nd trimester in fact in 18-19th week a scan is done called Anomaly Scan. It’s a must do. It tells if the child is normal in growth or not .Do not delay and let it not pass to 20th week.

Tell your doctor to call your hubby inside & let him see the first glimpse of his drawing on the screen. Doctor will be able to show the foetus limbs, though you are hardly able to make out anything still it’s a moment to be lived together. Take a copy of the scan & paste it in your personal file. Excuse me , pehle doctor ko toh dikha dena. This scan also gives you a more accurate date of child’s birth.

Please see to it that you are wearing loose clothes, keeping happy, keeping yourself busy, reading good books, not watching horror movies or Mahabharata (esa log kehte hai, why to take a chance, math karna tum bhi…)Select a song that can be made a lullaby once the child is born and it should be heard most of the times in the day as your alarm, your ringtone and especially while sleeping. It was handy for my daughter Vaidehi. I had kanda shrasthi, its devotional song of 20 minutes and believe you me she actually recognizes that song and sleeps also, at least 7 times out of 10 what more you want.

Your choice of food may change drastically, keep a tag of it because these may be the liking of your child. I liked weird stuff which I didn’t liked otherwise like Guava, South Indian food………. ufffffffffff……….all my North Indian genes were suppressed by my South Indian Husband.(No joke seriously..ha ha ha...)

Must eat Pomegranates, Apples, Beetroot, Carrots, and Salads… (Proper salads not that ki salad mein maine aaj cucumber khaya) Coconut water, Milk twice and ghee only in chapattis.

Now the most beautiful thing is going to happen, one fine day you will start feeling something rolling inside your stomach. It’s nothing but first movements of your child. You will go mad as you feel a little tickle and will feel over the moon. As of now only u can feel the movements.

From 5th month on wards try and go for small walks after meals. Keep working to stay active and healthy. It helps a lot.

Maintain your pregnancy chart, there should be gain in weight every time you go for checkups. By now as prescribed by doctor you should start calcium and iron tablets even. No other medicine for anything, so this is the time you can be little relaxed and even get little naughty but to your convenience.. 

Great things are yet to be discovered and delivered....... till then enjoy.. and do follow my next post on third trimester.


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