While creating a life..
|   Dec 15, 2016
While creating a life..

                                    GOD COULD NOT BE EVERYWHERE SO HE MADE MOTHERS 

 Welcome to the mothers’ fraternity….. The fun is yet to begin…….

These are no thumb rules, these are just my experiences while creating a life….

Firstly, be mentally prepared that you want to plan a family; gone are the days when 'bacchey ho jaatey tey'…….

Your body should be in a healthy state, so stay fit and eat healthy…

Secondly, the child should be the outcome of your love and not an obligation to fulfill . Don’t get depressed or take any tension & don’t get irritated with hubby (Yeh 'species' hai hee idiotic!!), as it may affect your chances of conceiving.

Lastly the most important one, don’t panic or get depressed if the result is not positive in the first attempt. After all u are creating life n not egg scrambles...... ki bus ek hi baari mein ban jayenge….

Monitor your cycles, if required have folic acid tablets, still getting concerned toh get i-pill test kit to know your fertility days. If still feeling worried, then you are mad……..

First trimester once you have conceived:

For the first time when you miss your period, do a test after one week of the missed date by home pregnancy kit…….. Before you announce this news that you have conceived a cub, please go and get a urine test done with a doctor and let him confirm for you……. And then as breaking news tell it to your husband……

By this time you are already in your second month. You have to be little more careful for the first four months. Dr says 3 but since it’s my tips so its 4!...okay now let me start my briefing. As soon as you come to know that you are pregnant, first thing you do is to thank  God & your hubby for blessing you this happiness & then tell only to the near & dear ones whom u cannot avoid.

You may now start having lot of laziness in you……. pamper yourself….. sleep well even if you want to sleep for eight hrs in the day & eight hrs in the night!!.... just go ahead…… take lot of rest n take break from work… by now your morning sickness would also start & if you are  lucky it might not ….

You will start puking but you have to have your three meals compulsorily, since fetus is like a parasite( of course i know that it's not the most appropriate word here!!)  who feeds on to u.

Necessary to follow:

Milk, coconut water, fruits, eggs and anything that u r feeling that you  are eating and digesting well and not throwing up. Remember you are not sick or ill, its just few major changes that's going on inside your body which are giving you all the mood swings,laziness,puking,aches and pains.. etc .. etc...

Worship God daily - it's a must.

Don't eat or drink....

...spicy food, junk food, tea, aerated drinks,  hard drinks, dry fruits and no cigarettes....Don’t means don’t……..

In first four months you might  lose some weight. Nothing to worry, all you have to do is avoid doing any kind of exercise, wear loose airy cotton clothes, take complete rest, avoid falling, avoid lifting any heavy item and take folic acid tablet as prescribed by the doctor.

Mornings will be difficult from getting up to brushing…. be lazy….. Even if you want to be very active, "toh bhi  vo furti nahi aati iss waqt'……. Aaah I’m so tired....well  try it yourself.  Once you brush you will start feeling puckish empty stomach……… so avoid using brush. Use finger for first four months…… don’t even think of kissing your hubby…… he may die of bad breath…… ha ha ha….. and now you are about to become the fart queen…… You will have lot of gas problem at this stage, but that's normal… it happens to all. No need to take any medicine….. bus mehka do saare ghar ko….. ha ha ha..

Eat your breakfast…. you will not feel like eating much. So space out your meals…… eat at regular intervals……..but don’t forget  milk….. chaloooooooo   piyooooooooooooooo…. ese banogi mummy…

Free advises will start pouring from everywhere. Don’t listen to all & start experimenting …… Everybody is different & react differently to the changes happening inside you…. But don’t experiment with your child on crucial aspects. Only refer to good books or your mother and finally  'mein toh tips dey hi rahi hoon'……….he he he……

If you find something grossly wrong (bleeding, dehydrated) then only contact your doctor otherwise just chill…

Now a very important thing that you have to do is make a list of all the things you were wishing to buy…… & give it to your hubby & tell him that doctor said....'I have to be kept happy so as to keep the growing fetus happy…… since mother & child are connected'.

Go for your monthly checkup & visit only one doctor regularly. Post first trimester, u will be little  relaxed and u will start enjoying; I mean by eating ,going out but no late night parties since you need rest as well…….. You can go driving from your 2nd trimester onward.

Once you are in fourth month, start eating a little extra for your little one. In morning have almonds soaked over night in water  & milk with few strands of 'kesar'.  But don’t try this before second trimester. In your search for 'Kesar', please don't get whole of Kashmir dug out… just take from some authentic shop…. Eat healthy & rich food..

An important scan is done at the end of third trimester. Do not miss it, it would give your approximate due date.

Second trimester.......to be continued in my next post....  till then celebrate womanhood......

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