Yes I’m a female… and a human too….
|   Dec 25, 2016
Yes I’m a female… and a human too….

It is not an easy road to be a female. It is a formidable task as the society took generations to be the way it is. And still it has not been able to alter its judgmental temperament. If you are single female, more than your parents your so called near and dear ones & relatives will  haunt you by queries as to when do you plan to attain the ‘matrimonial bliss’. Once you are married they want to know if there is a ‘bun in the oven’ as yet. If you have a baby, then you are a vile and selfish parent if you do not intend to get a sibling for your off spring. “Jise aap vese hi badi mushkil se paal pose kar bada kar rahe ho”.

If you are married don’t think you have been saved from the agony and pangs. There is a universally laid out path, which if tread, will lead you to ‘being settled’ and probably fulfill the very purpose of your existence. Get married, then bear children and eventually sacrifice your  career goals to be the epitome of sacrifice and be a devoted mother, a perfect home maker, a good daughter in law, in case Career is still  left ,be perfect at your workplace. “Boss ek dusari tarah ki Saas hoti hai”.

So, the expectations keep soaring and it is exhausting to keep pace with them. Expectations like perfect homemaker were passed on to her from our patriarchal society. . Some expectations like being a good mother were her own. She felt that, that was her prime responsibility. To look after the house it’s her responsibility. To cook of course it’s her. Laundry, why even I’m asking it? Of course it’s her, her & her. But did anyone tell her that this is an expectation from a father and a husband too… that she could ask him to help her. This is a story of lot of women in our society; they get tired and age faster than they should. .

Today many men want their partners to be working as it helps to improve their living standards and also to ease their own burden of earning for the entire family. When with these additional roles, we are changing the expectation from women, why not expect the same from men too?

Why as a wife I’m expected  to be a perfect mother, perfect home maker, cook the best meal, go for children PTM, come back home on time from work, have good career, maintain  figure and do conscious grooming of kids, make their children do homework and the list is endless. Has anyone ever realised how much pressure a woman feels?

So many issues of women juggling with multiple roles are leading her to  stress & anxiety, inability to sleep properly, constant complaint of fatigue and tiredness. How can I forget timeless famous one headache? Lack of interest in sex.

Simple solution to this is, hire a “full time life line”, I mean maid. However, this will just reduce her work, not mental stress. So have realistic expectations from yourself. After all you are even human being. Seek help from family and spouse: It’s ok to ask your spouse to help. Make your husband your best friend. Don’t be afraid to set your expectations from your family. Let the family share your burden including your child. Don’t feel embarrassed to admit the thing that you can’t do.

Let’s take the first step towards being Female and human too…

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