I wish I had followed my instincts and rushed to hospital
|   Apr 27, 2016
I wish I had followed my instincts and rushed to hospital

It was 35 week on 22nd feb 2016 when we had to visit our gyne for our regular prenatal check up and we were asked to get the ultrasound,TSH,HB tests done and get the reports in hand before doctor...so a day before the visit we first went for ultrasound and then was the most difficult phase of our life waiting..the doctor saying sorry but there is no beat...unable to believe we went to another hospital and the same...

Finally doctors had to induce the labor and take our already left angel out and since it was our first pregnancy, doctor made it normal delivery. Twenty two hours of labor and then the delivery with epsiotomy and then the pain of bidding bye...

While I was still in hospital I was trying to recollect all the series of events that happened recently and figure out which of them resulted this fate...but nothing of them made doctor to say it could be the reason.

I  remember how being a mother I got enough instincts which I wish I would have not ignored...

1) In the last visit on 5th Feb 2016, doctor gave us next date of 23rd Feb but somehow 19th Feb got fed in my mind and I kept reminding my husband that we have to go to hospital on 19th but on 19th when taking the checkup sheet saw date as 23rd and ignored the 1st instinct.

2) on 19 while in office got little nausea which settled after having a banana shake and felt like contacting doc asap but since felt fine did not rush to hospital and ignored the 2nd instinct.

3)18th and 19th both day saw in dream that I am playing with my baby but thought since the day is close ..I m getting the dreams and ignored the 3rd instinct.

4) on last visit on 5th Feb when my gyne told me that 32 weeks are over so keep a count of baby movements and then asked her what does she mean by movements as I do not feel kicks but only rotations which she said is absolutely normal. Even though a doubt homed in my mind that absence of kicks is normal something I never heard but being a first timer I believed doc.. I did not cross check it with another gyne...another instinct ignored. 

As per doctor when I deliverd the baby on 24th it was 5 day old loss and even after two months past.. it keep me reminding everyday that I wish I had followed my instincts on 19th and rushed to hospital...

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