Brushing teeth could be a joyful experience with Colgate Magical Space Adventure
|   Mar 14, 2017
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Brushing teeth could be a joyful experience with Colgate Magical Space Adventure

Last night it happened again. My son wasn’t ready to brush his teeth before bed time. He insisted to hear his bed time story first and then go for brushing.  His box of excuses opened up, my threats soon followed. Being a mother of teenage daughter and naughty son, plus a teacher, I am well versed with all types of excuses.  This is our daily after dinner ritual. Since childhood, his teeth had one or other problem so visiting dentist is a monthly routine-it could be cavities, germs or regular check-up. Moreover, my dentist told that his jaw is smaller according to his age. As a result his milk teeth were not falling on their own, although his permanent teeth were ready to come but they were not getting enough space. The solution our dentist suggested was serial extraction—that is our dentist takes out the required tooth according to age. This has been in practice from last 3-4 years. To prevent further problems, brushing teeth twice a day was compulsory.

Coming back to the particular night, I was looking for my son when I heard him talking to someone in bathroom. I listened patiently from outside and could hear the words Pintoo, rover, planets but couldn’t make sense of anything. My son talks to himself - is not a new revelation to me. I know he loves to talk with himself (prescribed by all healers –Sit at least for 10 minutes and talk to yourself daily). It’s just different with my son as he spends 5-6 hours with himself. As a parent, I had never scolded him for being a reclusive as I believe every child has his own ways of learning. I know where to find him in his self meditation time. His three hideouts are fixed—under the dining table, at the corner of balcony and in the attic with his army of superman, ironman, avengers, Spiderman   etc.

When he came out of the bathroom, I inquired him about his new friend Pintoo and his whereabouts. What followed was not only interesting to listen but also an eye opener that every child is creative and can do wonders with his imagination if we allow them to be on their own. 

He ran and brought the Colgate tooth paste pack which he has insisted upon while getting monthly grocery. Since he loves to watch TV, he knew that the pack had cut outs of space characters and that’s why he was adamant on getting Colgate Strong teeth pack. He had weaved a beautiful story with cut outs of the pictures present in the pack. See this video-

The story starts at the time when I was after his life to brush his teeth before bedtime. At that time Pintoo comes in his spaceship. Let me introduce you to Pintoo. He is an alien who has come to earth in his spaceship to rescue Shivam-that’s my son, from his mother who suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and always shouts at him to brush his teeth, rinse his mouth after sweets etc. Back to story, Pintoo comes as a saviour and invites Shivam to visit his planet. He makes Shivam wear a spacesuit which is compulsory to wear for space adventures. Shivam sits in his spaceship and goes to his planet without informing his poor mother. (She deserves the punishment for being finicky) On the way, Shivam is fascinated to see all the planets, galaxies, comets, constellations and other heavenly bodies. After landing on Pintoo’s planet, Pintoo takes him for sightseeing. They sit in Rover and roam around the planet. Shivam hopes that someday his Earth will become pollution free and clean like the planet. He is thrilled to see a space shuttle. He regrets that he has forgotten to bring his Indian tricolour which he could have hoisted there. Suddenly he hears a thunderous sound which is enough to scare Pintoo as he and his planet people are peace loving and don’t shout like inhabitants of earth. This thunderous sound was made by poor me who was knocking at the door asking the same question umpteenth time—Shivam, brush kar liya? Here's a video of my son narrating his interesting space adventure story:

Shivam is really angry with me as I cut short his space odyssey but I am very happy on discovering his story telling talent. Thanks Colgate Strong teeth for igniting my son’s creativity and imagination which in turn is tapping and nurturing his hidden talent of weaving stories. Who knows someday he becomes the weaver of beautiful characters and tales and chooses to become a writer, script writer or anything in the writing field? Who knows? Till then, more happy stories coming my way..

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