|   Mar 29, 2016

                                                                           SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES AT YOU

YES, it’s 100% true. SMILE is not only contagious as well as beneficial. Look at someone and smile-give that genuine ,dil se smile. Not to worry if you don’t have that million dollar smile like Madhuri just Remember Newton’s Third law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So where were we? You smiled and the other person’s face brightened up and he smiled back at you. (I know yeh mujhe dekh kar kyun hasa-let him think) but you move on. People find smiling tough, leave alone laughter. But believe me a natural smile can get you a million dollar pic for FB and you will get countless likes (I vouch by this).

Self mocking is a rare human trait especially in India kyunki “par ninda mein bada sukh hai aur dusre ka mazaak udane mein to param shanti milti hai”. But let me tell you that once you master the art of laughing at yourself you will not wait for Kapil Sharma’s comedy nights. Smiling is not difficult as it is made out to be “bas nazar chahiye” and we are so damn busy in the “The ways of the world” that we fail to notice trivial things which can brighten up our faces.

So, let me share some easy self invented smiling recipes from “BHARTI’S KITCHEN”
INGREDIENTS for all RECIPES are spread around you. All recipes are vegetarian and have proved to be beneficial to all irrespective of age, gender, caste, colour or creed. 
Spend more time with kids (2-6yrs)-the purest form of human species. You can’t hold back your smile in their company. They make you remember your childhood and how easy life was.
Dance on your favourite songs or listen music(good songs and not dard bhare geet). Music really uplifts your mood.
Have a look at old photographs and think of those pink pyjama parties during college days. Remember all those late night calls made under quilt inspired by “jab main chota baccha tha badi shararat karta tha: courtesy Bajaj Bulbs.
Stay connected with old friends kyunki is bedard duniya mein wohi sacche hai. They laugh with you and not at you. Laugh out at old memories, your first crush which gradually tuned out to be an infatuation (no offence to those who got hooked with the first crush only).
Join Yoga or Laughter club (their job is to make you laugh).Here Newton’s Law definitely works.

This will definitely work (100% success rate with me) when I see people talking on head set going to their work or driving. (I think world was doing pretty fine even without phones)

All these recipes neither need patent nor can any one steal them. Once you learn self developed techniques of smiling and laughing, you don’t depend upon anyone for your happiness. You become PRODUCER (better is ENTREPRENEUR) and not consumer. Ultimately being happy with yourself is very important because a radiant and beaming face gives positive vibes. Don’t hold back things in your heart. LET THEM GO. If you hold back petty issues in your heart, they get irritated and in return irritates you (pl refer Newton law mentioned above) so set them free. 
Life is not only small but unpredictable so why waste time? I see so many people who are damned busy in earning money or running after their ambitions but their success or achievements do not get reflected in their attitude or personality or on their faces. They are always stressed, unhappy- hasna to door ki baat hai . I would like to tell these sophisticated,successful and stiff people that a smile will not only make them look good but will definitely help them earn better also. NOW they will surely smile because money matters.

Remember A smile makes your look complete, brightens up your face and can make someone’s day. So


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