|   May 10, 2016

Meet   REAL  Bajrangi  Bhaijaan  of SHUBHAKSHIKA


 Sounds of Dhols, conching of shells, blaring loudspeakers and crowd dancing hysterically to the popular bollywood number “selfie le le re…..” from the block buster BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. The air was filled with colours and the atmosphere was eclectic. Hanuman Jayanti was being celebrated with full fervour in a small town of Jharkhand. Shubham and Anand, aged 11 and 13 respectively were too a part of the celebrations. They were neighbours as well as good friends and inseparable. They had come to the town with a boy of around 15 whom they met few days back in their village. The trio took Prasad and sat under the tree, talking excitedly about the festival. The unknown boy asked them if they would like to see the festival celebrations in the adjoining town and assured that they will be back to home by night. Shubham hesitated but Anand convinced him. Both of them joined the ‘bade bhaiya’, both addressed him this way, and boarded the train to reach at the earliest. Boarding any train to commute even to the next village is a common practise in some parts of India and Jharkhand is no exception to this. Unknowingly, the trio boarded the last coach of A Delhi bound train and sat near the gate. Exhausted by the celebrations, all of them fell asleep. Their sleep was disrupted when the passengers started getting down at a station. Back home, everyone got tensed when Shubham and Anand didn’t return home by late night. The neighbours searched nearby areas where the duo was expected but no results. The distraught parents went to police station to file the complaint. Shubham and Anand were puzzled as everything seemed strange and everyone was in hurry. On inquiring about the station, they were shell shocked and tears flowed down from their eyes. They have reached Delhi, the big city. Have they slept for so long? Where was ‘bada bhaiya’? Soon, the truth dawned upon them tat they were all alone in the big city with neither any money nor any food. They walked on platform of NEW DELHI RAILWAY STATION, holding each other hand. Soon they were stalked by miscreants and the unnamed kings of stations- the underworld racket which employs children in begging , rag picking, pick pocketing and other anti-social activities. All homeless, lost and kidnapped children are part of such groups and their modus operandi is to track more children and engage them in the above mentioned activities. Shubham and Anand were two such vulnerable souls. Destiny had planned something else for them. While roaming on platform for two days and surviving on water, Shubham’s slipper fell on the tracks. He was helped by a young, kind man. On sensing something wrong, he inquired both of them about their whereabouts. The boys didn’t trust him, He tried to convince them that he would make them go back to their home and showed his identity card. He took them to nearby police station, lodged the complaint and then was redirected to CWC. In between he gave them meal. The children were too hungry and finished off very soon. The official formalities were completed and the children were sent to SOS where they were taken care of. The young man was SHASHANK SIR, an employee of SOS whose job is to look out for such lost children and then trace their parents and unite them. Till now, he has managed to crack 1000 such cases with the help of his staff. After much persuasion, the children managed to give their address. After that the process was tedious but smooth. The grieving parents, who have lost hope, were relieved to know that their children were in safe hands. The parents reached the centre after two days. The distraught mother made everyone cry on meeting her child. She was inconsolable and was not letting Shubham away from her eyes. Anand’s father told that they have lost all hope of finding children and couldn’t thank enough to Shubhakshilka for this. I wonder how many lucky children are actually able to go back to their homes and unite with their families. We daily read about the missing and lost children and relocations are nothing as compared to the large number. But being a die hard optimist, I believe that God will send more BAJRANGI BHAIJAANS in this world for lost children. I salute to all such real life heroes who actually take their jobs seriously and put their heart and soul to trace the families of lost children. I also wonder, if REAL life imitates REEL life or vice versa. Whatever be the case, GOOD KARMA must be generated and these hidden Bajrangi bhaijaans must be rewarded and appreciated. 

If you are interested to help, you can contact at the following address: 

 Shubhakshika Educational Society

H.O.: SHUBH Open Shelter Home J-Block, sector-16,

Plot no.124/125Rohini, New Delhi-110089.    

For further queries, contact

 ROSY SACHDEVA (Secretary)    

TEL No: +9199-10-049390

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