Understand your child’s individuality by #StopBeingComparative!
|   Mar 11, 2017
Understand your child’s individuality by #StopBeingComparative!

I don’t understand why parents are so comparative from the moment they step into parenthood! There is always a comparative study chart forming on numerous instances in parents mind. Why my baby weighs less than theirs? Why my baby eats less than theirs? Why their baby is sleeping the whole night and mine do not? Why my child has still not started writing like hers? And the questionnaire goes on and on.

Why can’t we understand the basic fact that every human being is different! Every child has his/her own individuality and their own pace of growth. That doesn’t mean that if your child weighs lesser than his counterpart then he/she is weak! It may be simply that their body structure is different. Being healthy does not mean weighing more or less. It simply means that the nutrition requirement for their age has to be fulfilled.

I met a mother whose child is my son’s classmate. Our kids go to nursery class together. The kids have just learned how to write. But being left-handed, her son is taking quite a bit time to pick up the writing strokes. And she is always worried why her kid is not writing the way other kids are doing. Is this worry really needed? Is the pressure on the mother and the child worth it? I feel, No! The kids are just getting the format and more or less after a few years, all will be even at the almost similar level. Then why to spoil their childhood and your mental peace by being worried about the thing that will eventually fall into its place!

 Every child is unique. Every child has its own personality. They have just stepped in this world. Just a few months or a couple of years and so has gone by. Let them enjoy this golden period stress-free. And being parents is another round to enjoy childhood again with your child. Don’t spoil this precious time for the sake of some worthless competitive norms! Anyways, the world is competitive for them later on. So why not let them be as they are for now! Let them grow. Let them be slow. Let them be fast. Let them be naughty. Let them be free!




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