Real happiness for a mother
|   Apr 26, 2016
Real happiness for a mother

I was woken up by the sweet chirpiness of a bird from my alarm clock. Its 6 in the morning. I glanced at my two angels in their dreams. I wanted to snuggle   them and sleep but the face of my manager popped up in front of my eyes. I just threw my blanket and started the daily chores of cooking, preparing kids bags, ironing their uniform etc..i rushed hurriedly out of the house and while waiting for lift, i realized i have not even seen my angels before i left for office...they are still in the world of dreams with their grandma to take care. I caught the train and was constantly looking out of the window and thinking about the kids..Would they have got up? Had my mother in law brushed their teeth..and given them breakfast. All these thoughts took me to my office and as i looged into my system i could see plenty of user's issues , few tasks with deadlines and a scheduled video conference. The day was packed. I just grabbed a cup of coffee and started the work and soon could hear my colleague calling me for lunch..Oh god it is 1 already and i forgot to call the kids even once. I quickly dialled the number and thankfully could talk to my son and daughter. They were about to leave for their afternoon school. I felt so relieved just talking to them. The day went in a mad rush and by 7 i closed it all and left from office. while returning was making list of to do activites at home. Took an auto and reached home by 8 and could see kids playing in the building compound. They ran and hugged me which is the best feeling in the world. Took them home and listening to all of their day activites at school. I miss this so much. I was not there to drop or pick them. I felt a pain in my heart. On reaching home, gave them a bath and then dinner. Then is the favorite time of my kids..the story time. The man of the house calls up and says  "I will be late". After making them sleep, i made a cup of tea and relaxed on the sofa when i just looked back at the day. It was full of madness and rush. There was no quality of life. I am only earning money but loosing on the important years of my children lives. I am not there when they needed me. The day is so long. They wait for me for the whole day. Is it worth? I am already 37 will i continue this life till i die? My children will never grow again. Am i missing to live life? I got off to sleep with these thoughts and again the same routine followed next day ..that mad rush and pace, till i got a call from my son. Mom i got hurt while playing and have got bruises. With clicks here and there on my system, i told him you go to your gandma and she will apply an ointment. He replied i need you Ma but i know you will not hand got stuck everything seems to froze. I could feel the pain of my child and how badly he needs me. I rose up and ended the war of a mother and an ambitious woman. The mother has won and the next morning was me cuddling with my kids, making hot breakfast for them, dropping and picking them up..listening the fresh stories of their school, taking them to garden. I found the real happiness that was no less than heaven.

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