" The True Role of a Woman"
|   Mar 08, 2016
" The True Role of a Woman"

 It is "International Women's Day". Lots of buzz around and about it. The protagonist have their ideas to proclaim and the antagonist have their intentions to play. With all this around I simply think to myself, Why a Women's day?  Why do we  need to  celebrate a day for Women ? 

Lets celebrate womanhood each day. Let us reflect on the "True role of a woman" and how we can uplift ourselves and all around us. We play different roles in our lives. We are daughters, spouse, friends, sisters,cousin, mentor, leader, team members and so on. These different roles make up the mosaic of the arc of our journey. Because of our life circumstances, country of birth, race or culture we all develop and think differently but truly deep within we all are one and same. We have hopes, dreams, fears, charms and vulnerabilities. 

Then how can we, just another "woman next door " bring some change in the world. How can we truly celebrate "Women's day". How can we at our micro level do our parts that will actually manifest at macro level.

With this pensive mood I present my blog : "The True Role of a Woman".

"Shakti", the power is the essence of woman. We create, we nurture, we produce . That is how nature manifests in us. It is through our life we recognize our own lives, family life, the social life and uplift the lives around us. This is the role we play for our own benefit and for the benefit of mankind. As aptly said"Behind every successful woman is herself".

Life is simpler when we have a routine and certain rhythm. We as women need to organize our entire life. I have seen two completely different set of woman. There are those who always complain and have no time, from morning to night. They work all the time and yet all is ill-organized. The other set is exactly opposite they work , earn living and yet are able to organize all aspects of their life. It clearly show it depends on us and  how we handle it. Our homes are an extension of our personality and warmth of our being. If they are simple, reasonably de-cluttered , clean and neat half our battle is won. It is very similar at work place too. Are we "effective" or "efficient". Being effective means choosing the right task from all the alternatives. Being efficient means doing any job that happens to be around. Planning is important , it saves us time and helps us prioritize. Getting organized is not an end in itself. There is no right way to do things- it's got to be right for you.

This also brings up another important aspect. We need to stop complaining . About our surrounding, our relatives, the environment and hence forth. Concern is good and so is thoughtfulness . If we can do something to improve the situation lets strive for it, else lets be positive and least not complain. If we try to understand the best potential of people and situations we can do wonders. We should try to understand the best potential of our spouses, best potential of our children and our colleagues. This helps us to look at things realistically and fret about them less.

We have to learn were to put our attention. We should strengthen our discrimination and will to know where to put our attention and how to shift it when necessary. There are just so many distractions in our times but what is worth it should grab our attention.

Nurture the woman in you ! If we cannot progress ourselves it is idle to think that we can make others progress. We need to realize that we ourselves are responsible. Our sense of gratification comes from a job well done. It can be as simple as mopping the floor or as complicated as running the parliament. But if we have done are job well and are true to ourselves, it will radiate through our personality . That is true confidence and success. It does not matter who we are or what position we hold . Our self-esteem depends on how well we do the task at hand.

If we have the sensibility, the confidence and true women power, lets not stop at just celebrating a day. Lets cultivate the habit to nurture all around us. If we look around there are so many woman, young girls, girl child whom we can help to realize themselves. We cannot change the world but maybe one woman at a time. It  maybe our maid or her daughter or that orphan or maybe our neighbor who just needs a true friend. Can we do it. Can we silently yet resolutely help each other to raise in our levels of consciousness. If each of us decide to guide mentor and nature just another women we are uplifting the world . Education is the most important tool. It can enlighten all. 

and yes did I forget to tell you ...."You cannot help others climb the ladder and remain down yourself."

To sum up in the beautiful words of Mother Teresa
"I used to pray that God would feed the hungry or do this or that but now I pray that he will guide me to do whatever I'm supposed to do, what I can do. I used to pray for answers but now I'm praying for strength and used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things".


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