Son, don't sell yourselves...Daughter, don't buy a groom.
|   Jun 14, 2016
Son, don't sell yourselves...Daughter, don't buy a groom.

I always wonder about the cultures we originate from. While we take privilige of our cultural heritage, there are things fatal to us in our culture. Dowry is one such lethal thing. Our nation has taken many giant leaps towards the so called development to surge ahead in many aspects. Why is it not being possible to take atleast small steps to eradicate dowry? Is it a cultural practice which glorifies the individuals practicing it? I believe there are no legit reasons one can give to justify the practice. The reasons we hear very often in dowry talks between both the parties be like,

1. We faced many hardships and spent a lot to give my son better education and have a great career. - "while rest of the world is investing in other businesses, we Indians are smart. We invest on our own Sons"  

2. When our elder Son got married, we got x amount as dowry. We expect for younger one too. -" commit it twice, its no longer a sin" 

3. Groom has a female sibling and she demands dowry in the form of gifts or money. - "How dare you marry my brother? You will have to pay the fine and it continues for rest of the life." 

4. My Son is the most wanted Bachelor and many girls' parents are desperate to get into alliance. - " Price of an object is always decided based on its market value" 

5. All these assets taken in the form of dowry are for the bright future of your daughter. - " Let my son and your daughter enjoy all the fortunes. All you need to do is " die each day unable to pay debts until death comes to you".

" Dowry is no way proportional to the happiness of your daughter at in-laws' place. And neither signifies your status nor can you take pride of the act. If all the parents of girls resist giving Dowry, it would bring a positive change over the time. In a typical Indian family,

A girl child would not be a disappointment to parents at birth,

A girl would have access to better education as her male sibling,

A girl wouldn't have to give up her dreams at adolescence,

A girl wouldn't have to settle for something lesser than she deserves,

A girl wouldn't have to compromise while choosing a life partner,

A woman wouldn't have to face all the humiliation at in-laws place,

A woman wouldn't have been mistreated and abused by husband,  

A woman wouldn't have been beaten to death or buried alive,

IF DOWRY WASN'T THERE IN OUR CULTURE                                                        

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