Love Triangle: You ,Me and Work
|   May 17, 2017
Love Triangle: You ,Me and Work

Often working mothers like me face a love triangle in life me, my child and my work. I have been a working women past 16 years and a working mother past 6.5 years. Life has changed so much from before to after.

When i started my career i was not married and hence carried not responsibilities/liabilities on my shoulders. Post which slowly when my life moved from being a daughter to a wife and then to a mother everything changed. When my daughter was born after 5 months i had to leave her with my inlaws as i moved to another city. I decided to keep her back at hometown as i didnt want her to be a sandwich and spoil her health. I did up down on every weekend to meet her. Many people came to me and told me what kind of person you are , how can you leave ur kid like this. i used to feel guilty at times but i knew i am doing it for my career too.

I decided this cause i wanted my child's future to me safe, warm and luxurious. I was also an earning daughter of my family (my parents place) and hence for me it was also equally important to keep working to ensue my parents are also comfortable.

I preferred to  take this guilt in my heart and live to ensure i keep my child happy. 2 years later i and my family shifted to Pune and started staying together. This is when i lived with my daughter completely. Now when she has grown up she is super supportive to me for my work. Lot of women say they are working due to their husband or families,offcourse so am I but i think i would give a bigger credit for this to my daughter who has not only supported to but stood by me at all times.

Infact, now she ensures that i take tiffin to office and i work properly. Now its my duty also to give her a life full of happiness. Today when i look back i dont regret my decision of pursuing my career for those 2 years.

I just want to tell one think to all mothers, we need to live our dreams, our passion , our desire and walk with what we want to do. Teach your child difficulties of life, let them also understand the complexities as when they know it today they will be a better person tomorrow to handle it.

I really thank my daughter for being with me at all ups and downs...

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