A day in the life of a homemaker..
|   Jul 11, 2017
A day in the life of a homemaker..

The alarm rings at 5:45 in the morning.  The sun has not risen yet.  She feels like sleeping a bit more as her head is splitting with a bad headache as she didn’t sleep well in the night.  But then she remembers that if she sleeps the whole household will be in a mess.  She gets up, adjusts the quilt of her husband, goes to the other room and does the same with her kids.

Then she goes to the washroom, freshens up and goes to the kitchen.  There she hurriedly fixes the tiffins of her 2 kids.  Then she prepares the breakfast of her children.  She casts a glance at the clock.  She reminds herself that she is getting late.  After keeping the breakfast on the table, she wakes up her reluctant children lovingly, makes them have their breakfast, readies them and rushes them off to the school.

Then she again goes back to the kitchen, makes tea for the husband and herself, wakes him up.  She then enters the kitchen after quickly gulping down the tea preparing lunch for the husband to take to his office and also the other members.  She readies her husband’s office clothes, gives him breakfast, and with a smile and his lunchbox waves him bye.

She thinks she should get some rest but remembers it’s time for the maid to come.  She takes a look at the fridge and realizes she needs to get some groceries and fruits and vegetables.  After a hurried shower, she runs down to the market to get the stuff before the maid arrives!

She comes back, keeps things in place.  The maid arrives and again something or the other comes up.  By the time she is a bit free and sits with her favorite magazine, it’s time for the kids to come back.  With a smile she welcomes them, asks them about their day, handles their tantrums and temper.  She talks to them when feeding them their meals lovingly, laughs and jokes with them.  Come evening and she takes a look at their studies and becomes their “mom teacher”.  In between, she makes calls to her parents and in-laws daily to enquire about their health and well being.

By the time their studies are over, she heads back to the kitchen for dinner preparations.  Then she remembers that needs to bring the craft materials for her children and also run some errands in the market.  By the time she comes back from the market, her husband enters home tired and all stressed out.  She lovingly gives him tea, asks about the day, hears his frustrations patiently.

Soon comes the dinner time.  The family enjoys the meal together.  Post dinner she goes and organizes her kids’ school stuff for the next day and after some time makes them sleep with a lullaby on her lips.  After winding up the kitchen, she calls it a day and just then the clock strikes 11.  Checking her regular alarm setting of 5:45 am when she finally goes to the bedroom she finds her tired husband snoring!

She smiles, adjusts the quilt of her husband, goes again and checks on her children and adjusts their quilt and finally calls it a day.

From taking care of her husband and children’s needs, managing home, managing finances, managing relations, managing different tantrums and moods, with the home running like a well-oiled machine the homemaker day in and day out works tirelessly and thanklessly without getting her due recognition.

When someone asks her what she does for a living, very sheepishly she says, “I am just a homemaker.”

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