Ekla cholo re (Walk alone)
|   Oct 25, 2016
Ekla cholo re (Walk alone)

It is always said that it takes a village to raise children.  As moms, we all know how difficult it is to raise children at each stage.  Help is always required!

But what if there is no village to raise the children!  There are many parents like me who have been raising their kids only with the support of the their husband.  It is NOT easy!  Of course, I have had the freedom to raise my kids the way I wanted to.  But as they say everything has its own pros and cons.  On one hand you can do "anything" with your kid, but somewhere on some days parenting becomes exhausting, trying and testing, and on those days you feel all alone.

Its not that always physical help is required.  More than the physical part, emotional anchoring is required at times.  There are days when you need someone to pat your pack, give you a hug, and give you reassurance "Mommy you are doing great!"  These small little gestures boost the confidence and morale.

As my parents and in-laws (now only FIL) were ageing and happy in their own setup, I didn't want to disturb them.  After all, they were done with their parenting and difficulties in life.  Now was their time to relax.  But somewhere the "child" in me wanted and still wants a hug badly on days when I feel that I am "losing" the battle of parenting!

Just yesterday I had a meltdown.  Now that I am raising a teen and tween, its very vital to understand them, their temper, their issues.  Similarly, it is also very important to take care that the ageing parents or in-laws are not hurt by any gesture.  As a wife, I have to be the support of my super-busy, slogging, not-so-young husband.  Somewhere the balancing act takes a toll.  Also, most of the time the simple fact is overlooked that I am also not getting younger!

So, what do I do?  Like all the other mothers, I also cannot give up!  I gather myself again, don the garb of a strong woman and mom and fight all the small battles that life throws at me.  Most of the times people see only the irritable or strong woman, but nobody sees the vulnerable "little girl" beneath that garb.

During all these times, I find this line so apt, "ekla cholo re.."

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