Equal parenting equals to a happy family..
|   Nov 12, 2016
Equal parenting equals to a happy family..


I had the good fortune of attending an event conducted by Pampers and mycity4kids on November 12, 2016, in Mumbai where one of the closest topics to my heart, equal parenting or involvement of dads in the upbringing of children, was discussed.

One of the taglines by Pampers really caught my eye.  "If it takes two to make a baby, shouldn't it take two to raise a baby?"  This is so true and that is the way it should be!  A child belongs to both the parents, so rightfully the father should be equally involved.

Many wonderful areas were touched upon during the wonderful interactive session with the esteemed panel consisting of a mom and 2 psychologists.  They not just discussed the sensitive issues of new dads feeling left out or feeling anxious while handling their baby, they themselves gave some nice and witty anecdotes from their own life as a parent.  They gave some wonderful inputs and tips for the parents.

The survey conducted by Pampers showed that 90% of moms want more involvement of the father whereas surprisingly still today 88% of the dads believe that its only the mom's duty to take care of the babies' chores!  It was discussed by the Pampers team as to how they would conduct surveys across the country, release videos showing involvement of both parents, and run some interesting contests.

We had an interactive session where moms discussed their anxieties, worries, as well as the fact that how parenting is a daily learning process.  We saw some awesome dads who accompanied their wife and gave their perspective and inputs.  It was good to see that really times are changing and that now the dads are so much involved.  They have really started believing in gender equality and equal parenting.

I myself being a mom of 2 kids, now somewhat grown-up, became nostalgic and went down the memory lane with tears rolling down my cheeks when Pampers showed an emotional video of pregnancy, delivery, and first time when the parents hold their babies.

I got to meet so many wonderful mommy bloggers, the team from mycity4kids, and yes how can I forget meeting Shavet Jain who was so warm and caring!  

All-in-all, it was a wonderful event.  Hoping to attend many more..!

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