Good things come in all kind of packages..
|   Aug 07, 2016
Good things come in all kind of packages..

I am short, barely 5 feet 2 inches tall.  On top of that I don't have an envious figure either!  I was born "healthy" and with few exceptions of losing weight here and there mostly have remained on the "healthier" side all my life.  I can't help it.  My genes didn't allow me to be tall!  My parents, my maternal side, my paternal side everyone was short, stout and cute!!  I always stood first or second in any row, was always in the front row for photographs.  When I was around 10-11 years old many of my tall friends would boast of their height and I would be jealous and angry as to why I couldn't God bless me with a few more inches??  My father always told me that one should not worry about the looks but try to be a good human.  But at that tender age I didn't want to understand that, I simply wanted to be tall!

I so envied the girls in my school and college who had never-ending legs, who would look good in anything they wore!  I wanted my dress or saree to look nice on me as it did on them!  Somewhere the height and weight had created confidence issues in me.  Today at this age I no longer care but during teenage and in 20s the mind is tender, immature and hurts very easily.  I would feel that the boys would pay special attention to the girls who were tall and slim and that short and chubby girls like me stand no chance in any aspect of life.  People would show concern as to how I would get married with this short height!

In my early 20s I was determined and lost quite a lot of weight and became more confident about myself.  My parents were in the process of looking out for a guy for me for marriage.  I had seen my sister and friends who were short being rejected by guys who were short themselves!!  Everyone wanted to marry a "Sushmita Sen" even if the guy himself wasn't eligible in anyway to deserve that!!

All throughout I would convince myself, "Good things come in small packages"!

Soon, a "rishta" came for me.  Those were the days when mobiles weren't prevalent.  I talked to the boy over landline phone and decided to meet.  My mother had lost the boy's biodata and the day before he was supposed to come to see me she found it and guess what the guy's height was 6 feet 2 inches!  My mother said, "ye rishta nahin hoga"! But it was too late by then..

Next day, we met, we clicked, and the guy said yes to me.  We got married after 6 months.  I told him after marriage about my mother's fear of him rejecting me because of height and my husband was very surprised and remarked, "Did you have a problem with my height?  Does height really matter?"  How could I tell him that my entire life height HAD mattered, the remarks from people had mattered, the rejections that my sister and friends had undergone had mattered.

Both my kids are tall for their age, they have inherited their father's "tall" genes.  I have always encouraged them to be active, athletic, and humble, never laugh at anyone's physical trait that he/she has no control on.  One jibe or joke from someone makes an impact throughout their life.

Today I am confident in my skin, a confidence that I acquired quite late in my life.  I always encourage my kids to be comfortable in their skin and be confident as they are.

Yes..still I wish I could add a few inches to my height, but this doesn't bother me anymore!  God sends His "packages" in all forms, shapes and sizes, let's accept it with grace..

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