Healthy pearly whites..
|   Dec 11, 2016
Healthy pearly whites..

Nowadays I come across so many mothers complaining of tooth decay and cavities in kids as young as 2 or 3 years old.  Then the poor little things have to undergo painful treatment like root canal.  Its been so many years and my kids haven't faced a single dental issue.  Its not that they don't have chocolates or junk, I am not a paranoid mom and let them enjoy these stuff once in a while.  But what keeps their teeth healthy is a regular routine that they follow.

Teeth care should be started very early on in the children, right from the time their teeth start erupting.  Often due to negligence and sometimes laziness dental decay occurs in the children.  Dental hygiene requires only a good routine which needs to be followed diligently:

I know every mom knows the basics of oral hygiene and dental care yet I from my experience am giving a few tips as to how to keep those pearly whites healthy.                                                              

1.  Wipe the infant's mouth with a wet cloth after each feed.

2.  When the child has just few teeth or he/she is below 1 year old wipe the mouth and tongue with a wet cloth after every feed.  Once the child is 1.5-2 years start brushing his teeth twice a day.

3.  Never let the baby sleep with the bottle in his mouth.  This can cause decay as the mouth is not cleaned.

4.  Twice a day brushing, i.e., once after waking up in the morning and once before going to bed should be mandatory. Trust me it is a great practice.

5.  Kids should be taught dental flossing as well.  Take them to a dentist who will teach them the correct way of flossing.

6.  Children should be made to rinse their mouth after every meal or after every sugary snack. It’s okay if the kids indulge in chocolates and junk once in a while (they are kids after all!) but make sure that they rinse their mouth and brush their teeth before bed.

7.  Dental checkup every 6 months is very important. Often we neglect this aspect of dental care.

Regular and diligent dental care will keep the children away from teeth problems and pain.  Let them keep smiling!!

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